Author Talk Series – In-Person

Grace Hawthorne will be with us at Lifespan Summer Session on July 8th at 1:30 pm for our first Author Talk. (Remember we have Atlanta Theater to Go on July 1st). She will be discussing her new book, Lost River.

Everybody in Lost River has a story of survival, even the dogs. There are big stories like the Bataan Death March, the Spanish Flu epidemic, and POW camps in Georgia. And small stories like how Inky got his name, how Boot found a home, how the women hornswoggled the men in an election, and how a little doohickey saved the town from financial ruin. Small towns and the people who live in them are tough, resilient, optimistic and sometimes downright funny. It’s only when you learn their back stories that you can appreciate who they really are. Welcome to Lost River.

The Zoom link below is where we will be broadcasting the live session for our virtual participants.

The Zoom Link for this event