Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Did you know that children are being bought and sold for sex right here in Georgia? Did you know that as an esteemed community member, you can do something about it? We are pleased to have the CSEC Response Team join us for an 8 week series on this critical topic, Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, also known as child sex trafficking. They will present on the following topics: 

▪             CSEC 101: What is CSEC?
▪             How is Georgia Responding to this Issue?
▪             Exactly what is a Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach?
▪             What is the role of Law Enforcement (GBI, FBI and Local Prosecutors)?
▪             The role of the GA Division of Family & Children Services (Child Welfare)?
▪             What are Child Advocacy Centers and How do they Help?
▪             Have you hear of HOPE Court?
▪             What Can You Do?

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Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) – Naeshia McDowell

This s the first session of our 8-week series on CSEC.  You can click the link above to see the descriptions of the upcoming sessions.

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