Holiday Extravaganza 2020 - It will be AMAZING

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All of our Holiday Extravaganza Events are possible because of the donations from our sponsors.

Holiday Concert with Grey Matter – Sponsored by Kaiser Permanente

A Special Holiday Concert with “Grey Matter”

John Outler, Jim Fox, and Jude Clark (pictured left to right) are known as “Grey Matter,” and they’ve been entertaining audiences at music venues and private events around Atlanta (and beyond!) for the past ten years or so.

With two of the three being classically trained vocalists (we’ll let you guess which two), they have a special focus on singing… and if you like three-part harmony, you are in for a treat. Their song list includes a range of styles from the ’50s through the ’70s, and they’ll be adding a few holiday tunes, just to keep things festive. Jim Fox has played for the Lifespan crowd before… he’s thrilled to bring his musical compatriots along for an expanded, and harmonic, experience.

This Concert is being sponsored by Kaiser Permanente.

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