The Hidden Brain – In-Person

The Hidden Brain Series:  We will be using material from the podcast “The Hidden Brain”  by Shankar Vedantam.  Participants will listen to a podcast episode prior to class and then we will have a guest speaker who will share some practical ways that phenomenon is experienced in the real world.

This week we will listen to a podcast called The Story of Stories.   If you click the title in red text, you will go directly to the link to listen to the story on your computer. If you use a Podcast application, you can listen on your mobile device.

This is the first in a three-part series about stories that talks about how important stories are to our lives. Since several of you have had experiences in storytelling, it seemed like a good selection.

“Why is my friend late? How does nuclear fission work? What occurs when I sneeze? We all need to understand why certain things happen. Some researchers think the drive to explain the world is a basic human impulse, similar to thirst or hunger. This week on Hidden Brain, we begin a three part series on why we tell stories. Psychologist Tania Lombrozo discusses how explanations can lead to discovery, delight, and disaster.”

 The Zoom link below is our virtual link where we will be broadcasting our in person class discussion.


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