The Sally Miller PARTNERS IN HEALTH Initiative

Partner with older adults and be their extra set of ears

Partners in Health – Being the extra set of ears

We are very excited about a potential new program we are tentatively calling “Partners in Health.”  This is an innovative coordinated care/ medical appointment accompaniment program providing support for older adults and their family members.  Trained volunteers accompany older adults to their doctor appointments, and offer support to them before, during and after medical appointments.  This program can provide support, comfort and confidence to the older adult, while at the same time providing good, accurate information to family members and to the adult themselves for later review.

We believe that this is a logical extension of our MET program, as we know some of our older adults could benefit from having another set of ears in the room when they are with their doctor.  

Partners in Health volunteers are different than our MET driver volunteers, although some may be interested in both.  The program would offer extensive training, permissions and resources to the volunteers, and we believe that there are folks out there who might be interested in offering this needed support to our older adult community.


Give us a call at 404-237-7307. 

And check out this space for announcements about our information meeting in February.