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thank you

Thank you to all of our donors for your 2017 support!  We appreciate you.

Connie Anderson
Lorraine Andrews
Lida Askew
Bettie Banks
Charles & Nancy Bedford
Jan Russell Benefield
Lori Benis
Clare Berry
Richard & Kay Botters
Berney Bridges
Marilyn Cates
Lilia Chopra
Jeanie Christian
Michael Cifelli
James Clegg
Annilee Compton
Evelyn Connally
Sara Cooper
Cele Covatta
Marie Davis
Susan Deaver
Mary Delmas
John DeMicco
Grover Dobbins
Rosaura Dominguez
Bill and Linda Easterlin
Wyn Engle
Beulah Eubanks
Helen Faser
Rush Forquer
Frank Gleason
Rosemary Glenn
Carolyn Gold
Sydonia Green
Marion Groover
Nathalie Halpern
Eugene Harley
Frances Harrold
Leslie Herman
Patricia Hickson
Joanna Holleman
Rebecca Hunter
Douglas Ikelman
Margaret Jackson
John Jenkins
Marina Johnson
Pauline Kaplan
Timothy Keiley
Jane Kilgore
George Kirkland
Roslyn Krengel
William Layng Jr.
Tony Lazzaro
Janet Leininger
Bobbie Limardo
Jim Link
Helen Loyless
Katrina Mabon
Faye McKay-Clegg
Jeanne McKown
Jeanne Merritt
Sarah Miller
Jane Mitchell
Lenore Morin
Thu Nguyen Saunders
Ray Nixon
Maxine Alexis Parker
M.T. Patchel
Norma Pike
Jackie Pirkle
Norma Pitzer
Paul and Stella Richter
Hennie Rodts
Helen Ross
Jerry Sawyer
Barbara Schafer
Leonard Schechter
Bill Schotanus
Vera Sepe
Florence Siflinger
Barbara Silverman
Anne Slaughter
Judith Smith
Beth Stedman
Roslyn Stephenson
Nina Tally
Beth Tanis & John Chandler
Margaret Taylor
Diana Tollerson
Dolores Tugwell
Steve Walton
Linda Defoor Wickham
R. Wayne Wilson
Annie Jean Woods

2017 Donations Given in Memory

In Memory of Catherine Austin:
Given by Lida Askew
In Memory of Henry Grady:
Given by Lida Askew
In Memory of Judith Kiely:
Given by Dolores Tugwell
In Memory of Robert Rosenthal
Given by Lida Askew
In Memory of Jerry Sawyer
Given by Lisa Fierman
Given by Pearce and Laurie Hardwick
Given by George Kirkland
Given by Stephanie & John MacArthur
Given by David Morales
Given by Elizabeth & Charles Tuller
Given by Michael West
Given by Chris Witte
In Memory of Gerry and Fred Scheer
Given by Paul and Stella Richter
Given by Carolyn Gold
In Memory of Eleanor Strain
Given by Janet Leninger
In Memory of Eugene Stuart
Given by Lida Askew
In Memory of Robert K. Wickham
Given by Linda Defoor Wickham

2017 Donations Given in Honor

In Honor of Beth Cooper
Given by Grover Dobbins
In Honor of Nancy Davis
Given by Kay and Richard Botters
In Honor of Rita Engelhardt
Given by Dolores Tugwell
In Honor of Frank and Eunice Gleason
Given by Eugene Harley
In Honor of the Lifespan Staff and Board
Given by Kay and Richard Botters
In Honor of Patrick Golan
Given by Joanna Holleman
In Honor of Jeanne Merritt
Given by Kay and Richard Botters
In Honor of Jeanne Merritt’s Birthday
Giving by Miriam Hamilton Bellis and
M.T. Patchel
In Honor of M.T. Patchel
Given by Jeanne Merritt
In Honor of Sister Kathleen Purser
Given by Jeanne McKown
thank you

Thank you to all of our Affiliate and Congregational Members!

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