Lifespan Intergenerational

Bridging Generations for Better Communities


Lifespan is dedicated to connecting different generations, fostering understanding, empathy, and a strong sense of community among age groups.

Our mission is two-fold: Firstly, We aim to bridge the generational divide by creating meaningful interactions between seniors and younger people. Secondly, we seek to combat loneliness and isolation in both younger and older adults alike.

 Bridging the generation gap one virtual meeting at a time!


Adults over age 65 are socially isolated


People over age 60 report feeling lonely


Americans believe intergenerational activities can help reduce loneliness across all ages


Our Mission

Our Programs

Our Impact

The mission of Lifespan Intergenerational is to foster empathy and understanding across age groups through easy and accessible virtual groups.  

Lifespan facilitates meetings for  older adults, younger adults, and students to connect…laugh…and learn, all from the comfort of home.

Lifespan Intergenerational (IG) program: an 8-week interactive for participants to share wisdom, gain fresh perspectives, build meaningful relationships, and engage in lively discussions. 

Lifespan Alumni Program: a weekly opportunity to stay socially engaged and connected with new relationships, while also benefitting from ongoing educational content and speakers.

Social isolation and loneliness can negatively attribute to declining health in people of all ages. Lifespan’s programs provide a unique social and educational outlet that creates value and joy to its participants.

Please consider supporting Lifespan with a donation. Every contribution helps us extend our reach and deepen our impact.

“I was pleasently surprised how much I learned and enjoyed participating in the Lifespan IG program!” – Sam


Lifespan IG offers Alumni classes on Tuesdays at 10:30 AM, Alumni Forum on Fridays at 1:00 PM, and Book Club on the last Monday of the Month at 12:00 PM. All times are EDT. Please Click a link below to attend.

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