Welcome to Lifespan Intergenerational (IG)

At Lifespan, our Mission is two-fold: To help bridge the generation gap through meaningful connections and increased understanding and empathy between age groups; and to bring a sense of community with social and educational benefits for older adults.

 How do we do that? Through our 8-week online program!  Lifespan IG provides a unique opportunity for seniors and students to share experiences, knowledge and skills.

Yes…we use Zoom to Bridge the Generation Gap!

Why Join a Lifespan IG Community Group? 

  • Share wisdom, values, and life lessons with the next generation.
  • Learn new perspectives from young adult students.
  • Create meaningful social connections with youth and other older adults.
  • Enhance purpose & greater well-being by sharing life experiences and learning from others.
  • Share laughs and discuss interesting and universal topics with others.
  • Become part of a Community from the comfort of your own home! 


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Fridays at 1:00 pm

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