Welcome to Lifespan Winter 2022

We’re Glad You’re Here

Lifespan has provided classes, events, and community activities for older adults over 55 since 1981.  Our mission is to build communities that welcome us as we age, and our greatest asset is our older adult community.  We are proud of the virtual classes we provided during the pandemic and in awe of all the amazing older adults who learned to use technology so they could join us.

Now as we emerge into this new era, we are looking forward to gathering in person for our Winter 2022 classes.  IN ADDITION, we will continue to offer virtual programs for those of you who are too far to join us in person or just not ready to get back behind the wheel of the car.

Take a look at our plans for the Winter 2022 Session.  Just click Winter 2022 on the right and see what is coming your way.  Please consider joining us.


Winter 2022

In-person & virtual classes

Fall Activities

Fall still has 2 weeks