Bridging the Gap with Lifespan Intergenerational

Striving to end lonliness one virtual meeting at a time

Community Building

Learning Opportunities

Shared Experiences

Energetic Engagement

Our Mission

At Lifespan Resources, we are dedicated to fostering a vibrant community that bridges the generational divide. Our mission is to stop the growing trend of loneliness and isolation that many adults are currently experiencing. We host enriching opportunities to engage with others and find fun in connecting, laughing, and learning.

Our History

Since our inception in 1981, Lifespan has been at the forefront of fostering a community-centric environment. We champion the idea that retirement is not just a time of life, but a critical opportunity to find mutual support and continuous personal development. This ethos remains at the heart of Lifespan, guiding us as we adapt to the evolving needs of an aging population in an ever-changing world.

Why Choose Lifespan?

Choosing Lifespan means becoming part of a movement that values wisdom, fosters mutual respect, and enhances understanding across generations.

Lifespan continues to innovate by addressing specific challenges within our community – like transportation, a vital need for many older adults. By meeting virtually, participants can find community without the stress of having to leave home

Community Impact

Through our programs, we create a safe place both older and younger adults can share life experiences, thereby fostering a sense of belonging and contributing to a more cohesive society.

Social Benefits

Social Connection is one of the most basic and crucial parts of human life, regardless of age. Humans are fundamentally social animals and need other people.

Our programs are designed not only to entertain but also offer participants  avenues to learn new skills and stay mentally active and engaged. Students gain wisdom and mentorship. Adults feel more valued and appreciated.

Embracing Connection

In a society that sometimes overlooks the value of wisdom with age, Lifespan Intergenerational is countering this trend with our community programs. (FYI: Academy was the in-person term we used). Lifespan IG’s social and educational platform celebrates the insights and knowledge of our elders, fostering an environment where wisdom is revered and conversations are cherished.

A Safe Space for All Ages

We are proud of our mission in crafting welcoming spaces for all participants. It’s a fun, safe place to share laughs and discuss interesting, universal topics with others.

Why Join Lifespan Intergenerational Program?

Finding Community

Intergenerational programs, like Lifespan IG provides
older adults an alternative to isolation: a sense of purpose, motivation and a connection to the larger picture of society and the world.

Exploring New Perspectives

Open your mind to fresh ideas and viewpoints from all generations, enhancing mutual understanding and respect.

Fostering Social Connections

 Create bonds with both peers, younger adults, and students building a network of support and friendship that transcends age barriers.

Enhancing Well-being

Participate in activities that promote mental and emotional health, enriching your daily life through shared experiences and laughter.

Join the Lifespan IG Community Group today and help us bridge the generation gap. Together, we can create a welcoming space that celebrates the wisdom and vitality of all participants.

Become a Part of Our Lifespan Community