Welcome Alumni!

Congratulations on graduating from our Lifespan Intergenerational program!  We are thrilled you want to continue meeting, sharing and learning in Community together! Social Connection is one of the most basic and crucial parts of human life, regardless of age.  Staying Social and in Community is one of CDC’s (five) Social Determinants of Health.

Lifespan has created a forum for doing just that. Participating in the Lifespan Alumni program will provide you with the following benefits of staying social:

    • Alleviate Loneliness
    • Positive Brain Health
    • Increased Vitality
    • Positive Well Being and Quality of Life
    • Improved Confidence and Self-Esteem
    • Increased Meaning & Purpose
    • Longevity

Complete the registration form below to register and stay involved.  The cost to participate is $40/per quarter.  Of course, we are grateful for any additional donation you can provide to help Lifespan further its mission of forming new community groups that bring generations together and help lessen social isolation. Additional donations can be made through this registration form.