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Thank you

thank you

Thank you to all of our donors through July, 2017!  We appreciate you.

Lida Askew
Bettie Banks
Miriam Hamilton Bellis
Lori Benis
Clare Berry
Richard Botters
Bernie Bridges
Marilyn Cates
Jeanie Christian
James Clegg
Evelyn Connally
Cele Covatta
Marie Davis
Susan Deaver
John DeMicco
Rosaura Dominquez
Wyn Engle
Beulah Eubanks
Helen Faser
Rush Forquer
Rosemary Glenn

Carolyn Gold
Sydonia Green
Marion Groover
Nathalie Halpern
Frances Harrold
Leslie Herman
Patricia Hickson
Rebecca Hunter
Douglas Ikelman
John Jenkins
Marina Johnson
Pauline Kaplan
Timothy Keiley
George Kirkland
Roslyn Krengel
Tony Lazzaro
Janet Leininger
Bobbie Limardo
Katrina Mabon
Faye McKay-Clegg

Jeanne McKown
Sarah Miller
Jane Mitchell
Maxine Alexis Parker
M.T. Patchel
Norma Pike
Jackie Pirkle
Norma Pitzer
Charles Rea
Paul and Stella Richter
Martha Rogers
Thu Nguyen Saunders
Jerry Sawyer
Bill Schotanus
Vera Sepe
Barbara Silverman
Anne Slaughter
Judith Smith
Beth Stedman
Roslyn Stephenson

thank you

Thank you to all of our Affiliate and Congregational Members!

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