Please consider making a donation to Lifespan!

We begin every Zentangle session (one of our favorite classes) with statements of gratitude.  We are most often grateful  for the fact that we can gather each Friday and have confidence in our presence.  As you consider making a donation to Lifespan’s 2021 Annual Appeal, think gratitude.

While these two years have been filled with challenges, we have been there for each other.  From our Lifespan classes to our Agape Tablet Class, we have showed up!  The new Lifespan family we have created has cried with each other, laughed with each other, supported each other, interrupted each other, muted and unmuted each other, and, more important of all, loved each other.  In this extraordinary time, I don’t know what more you can ask.  As Mimi said, we have worked to make things feel normal when they absolutely were not.  To the degree we have succeeded, we thank all of you.  It wouldn’t be possible without you.  Thank you for your support.  

    If you wish to make a year-end contribution to Lifespan, please complete the form below.  

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    Thank you for your support.