Atlanta History Center Group Tours

July 25th and August 15th

We are excited to take another road trip with Lifespan Academy!  We had an opportunity to take a trip previously when we went on the Beltline Tour.  This time we will all be going together to the Atlanta History Center for two 2 hour trips.  We felt that shorter trips on two occasions were better for our folks than spending a longer time at the center.  Also, we will have transport wheelchairs available for our group if you think you will need them.  Please make sure you let us know either at the academy prior to the trip or call the officee (404) 237-7307 if you would like us to have one available for you.  We will transport any walkers, etc. you may have on the bus with no problem.

 JULY 25th – meet at Trinity at 9:30 and return at 12:30

This trip we have tickets reserved to see the Cyclorama.  This exhibit is MUCH different than the one that used to be in place at Grant Part.  Here is the description from the Atlanta History Center about the new exhibit.

We have added an additional building to the Atlanta History Museum just for the Cyclorama. The Exhibit is nothing like what was at Grant Park, in fact, we make the Cyclorama just like it was when it first arrived in Atlanta.

When your group see this part of the museum, there are four stages throughout the exhibit..

1.  Upper Gallery- is about why the Battle of Atlanta was picked to be painted

2.  Lower Gallery- The Evolution of the painting (How the painting was meant to be entertainment only)

3. Rotunda-Cyclorama Painting with at 12 minute video (Only 60 people at time) 30 minutes to view the painting, and someone can answer any questions while your group is there. – Our group will be attending the 11:00 am presentation.

4.  Lower Rotunda- History of the artist who painted the painting.

It’s important to remember that while the Cyclorama itself is a 30 minute presentation, there is much more to the exhibit than just the painting itself.


Our Trip on August 15th will also leave at 9:30 and we will be back to the church by lunch at 12:30.  There are several exhibits we will have available to us to view and more flexibility about your activities.  We will have more detailed information at a later date.

Tickets are $13 for each trip.


Click here to purchase your tickets for the Atlanta History Center Tours on line. IF YOU DIDN”T SIGN UP FOR THE FULL SESSION, but you would like to join us for lunch after the history center tours, you can make those reservations here are well.

Tickets for the July 25th Trip to AHC

Tickets for our cookout after the trip


Tickets for Lunch on August 15th after our second trip