What Else Did You Do This Summer?

Making a difference with your summer break!


Do you remember how you had to answer this question when you went back to school in the fall?  We used to write a story about the things we did and the places we went.  You always hoped your activities didn’t seem too boring compared to the other kids in your class.

Well, what will you say in the fall when we ask you what you did this summer?  We have a suggestion.  You can say that you took an older adult to the doctor!  Just one or two trips this summer can make a difference in the life of an older adult and will help out our Medical Escort Transportation Program at a time when many of our regular volunteers are on vacation.

Yes we will do a background check, but it’s painless and quick.  Please help out our older adults who are trying to get to their medical appointments.

 Have an answer you can be proud of this fall!  Please help us out. 

Just call the office at 404-237-7307 

Or download the application below and send it in right away!!