Becoming an Advocate

Materials and Actions on Being and Advocate for Justice

We talked several times during our Summer Session about the racial discord in our city and in our country.  Several of you expressed interest in learning about things you can do to advocate for social justice in our community.

There are a number of wonderful resources available and we are compiling a list of ways to learn and ways to act.  I want to acknowledge the Racial Justice Group at the Episcopal Church of Epiphany in Decatur, and the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan for many of the suggestions that are located here.

Rather than separate documents that you need to open and download, I decided to simply put the resources that I located here on this page.  If you have questions or other suggestions, feel free to send them my way.

I have a document with books – including some lengthy descriptions, but it was too long to include in its entirety here.  So, if you CLICK HERE – you can download the pdf and print it for your own use.