Become a Lifespan Academy Instructor

Do you have something to teach?

We are always looking for instructors.  

Can you volunteer your knowledge?

We believe that Lifespan Academy is all about teaching and learning together.  Our academy participants love to hear about new things, learn new skills and discover additional resources.

This is where you come in.  Do you have a skill you can share?  Do you have important information that could help our elders age in place better?  Do you know how to do something really unique that other folks would like to know how to do?  Do you have resources, programs or services that could benefit our elders?

If your answer to any of these questions is year, then you might be a perfect Lifespan Academy instructor.  Donate a session or a series.  Either will be welcome by our folks.  And get a chance to meet a bunch of really nice people and go away with some friends.

Just call Peggy at 404-237-7307 and find out if teaching at Lifespan is the rewarding experience you were looking to find.  


Jim Fox Singing Lifespan Blues