Information and Resources

We are making an attempt to collect information, resources and just plain cool stuff.  This is the beginning and as we compile more things we will be reorganizing the “stuff” in useful ways.  

At the moment, we have our calming activities, our inter generational discussions and our mindfulness materials.  We will be adding more and will place a directory at the top of the page.  Be patient, it’s coming together


Tips and activities to create CALM

This is the material that we discussed in our online session on May 5th. We were pleased to hear from Wendy’s daughter about dreams, learned about making a mind jar and talked about how to activate our creative side. All of that material is here for you to review at a later date.

The Artist Way

Julie Cameron tells you why There’s No Such Things as a Non-Creative Person.  Watch the video on her home page.

Morning Pages

What are they and how do they work?  You never know – you might like it and enjoy the time doing it.

Relationships between Generations

We will be spending the next several weeks talking about the 6 adult generations that are interacting in our society today.  Several of you expressed interest in the topic and we just barely got started with the topic on Tuesday April 28th.  We made the decision to change our topics more frequently, rather than stay with a single topic each week.  So we will be returning to these issues in the weeks to come, since this website and Ted talk only barely touch the surface of this important topic.

How do we think about the generations.

This website has amazing information about lots of different topics, providing by the Pew Trust.  They have given us a brief and general description of the various generations that can offer a very brief look at the issues.

 Resilience and Contemplative Practice – April 16th

There are so many wonderful resources available online I thought you should get to pick your own to view.  Each of these has a different take and approaches our topic from a different perspective.  Or you may find that these videos just reinforce concepts you already know and cherish.  Either way, I think each can be a trigger for conversation in their own way.  Jot down some notes, think about what the speakers are saying and then join our conversation about their perspectives tomorrow at our Morning Gathering.  We look forward to sharing our thoughts with each other.  Even if you don’t enjoy them for tomorrow, they will be here for your use any time you return to our learning page.

Resilience and Contemplative Practice – April 15th

We started this discussion – in preparation for Bobbi Patterson’s talk on Thursday, with a couple of video about resilience with these two videos.  It was interesting to hear how each of you related differently to both or one of them.  It is the intersection of the concept of resilience and contemplative practice that is so interesting and is at the core of this weeks topic.  Looking forward to hearing more from Bobbi Patterson on Thursday.

Fr Rohr talks about contemplative prayer – being one with everything around you.

The ABCs of Resilience

All About TED TALKS – April 15th

Who would have guessed there is so much more to TED Talks than I every knew!!

TED Youtube

The way most of us think about TED Talks.

TED Recommends

Let them send the videos to you.

TED Podcasts

PODCASTS about everything and anything.

Ideas worth spreading.

April 1st — We’re going to start this one out with an amazing class that is being taught at Yale University called the “Happiness Class.”

This doesn’t mean that we are going to take the entire class together.  Rather it’s our chance to take a look at the video of the class, and then if this doesn’t excite you there are numerous other class options you can take online through their Courtera program – free.  Take a look before we meet on Wednesday, April 1st (not an April fools joke – although we will probably have some) and then we can talk about what you think.

The most popular class in the history of Yale is now available online, joining 20 other Coursera classes taught by Yale faculty.

The class, Psyc 157, “Psychology and the Good Life,” is taught by psychology professor Laurie Santos. Nearly a quarter of all Yale undergraduates have enrolled in the class in its inaugural year — a fact that attracted media attention around the globe.

The online course, titled “The Science of Well Being,” features lectures by Santos on things people think will make them happy but don’t — and, more importantly, things that do bring lasting life satisfaction. Registration is now open.