Lifespan Fall 2021

Virtual again… with great content.  Come and join us.

MONDAY – September 13th through November 1st

10:30 AM – Chair Yoga with Susan Hills

Susan Hills, Lifespan’s own bookkeeper is also a certified yoga instructor.  She offered to give us taste of a chair yoga class so you could all try something a little different.

Chair yoga is a great way for older adults who may struggle with balance and flexibility to get the health benefits that come with regular yoga practice.  Yoga is an excellent way to stretch muscles, improve joint stability, reduce stress, and improve circulation.  Yoga can also help lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and build strength and balance.  Come try it out!

TUESDAYS – September 14th through November 2nd

NOON to 1 pm – Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) – Georgia Chapter of Children’s Advocacy Centers CSEC Response Team

We are pleased to have this 8 week series on this very important topic!   We will have presentations including all of the following: 

  • CSEC 101:  What is CSEC?  Understanding the nature of the problem and the developmental realities of teenagers.
  • What is the statewide response to this problem?
  • Exactly what is a multi-disciplinary team approach?
  • What is the role of law enforcement?  GBI, FBI and local prosecutors?
  • What is the role of the Georgia Department of Families and Children?
  • What are forensic interviewers and advocates and how do they help?
  • Have you hear of HOPE Court?  
  • What can you do?



Line Dancing

1:30 PM – Line Dancing with Rose Haven

Rose is returning for another online version of her wonderful line dancing class.  We know that all of us are pining for in-person dancing, but we want you to know that we have virtual line dancing down to a science!  Our D.J. is pretty good and we have worked out all the kinks.  No hesitation or pauses for us.  Come and have fun in your own living room with line dancing.

Wednesdays – September 15th through November 3rd

10:30 AM – Coffee Hour

Enjoy your Wednesday mornings.  This is a free morning and you can have a conversation and coffee.  Join in and check in.  We know how much you enjoy just a chance to greet each other and make sure all is going well.  And you never know what conversations might spontaneously occur.

Except Wednesday, September 29th – see below!

Coffee Hour

Wednesdays – September 29th at 10:30 am

The CDC at 75: Highlights and Plans for the Future – Judy M. Gantt

Ms. Gantt has served as Director of CDC’s David J. Sencer CDC Museum since its inception as the Global Health Odyssey Museum in 1996. She manages all projects, including educational programming for students, such as the CDC Museum Public Health Academy Disease Detective Camps, and Summer Online Courses; temporary, permanent, online, and traveling exhibitions; and the CDC History Collections.

In support of CDC’s mission, the CDC Museum educates visitors about the value of prevention-based public health, while collecting, preserving, and presenting CDC’s rich heritage and vast accomplishments through engaging museum exhibitions, dynamic educational programming, and physical and online archives.

We are thrilled to have Judy with us and appreciate her telling us about this program of the CDC.

CDC Museum

The Movie Club

1:30 PM – The Movie Club – with Alexa Foreman

The Movie Club is back with Alexa Foreman, our classic movie expert.  This session she is trying something different, taking you on a stroll through the decades.  You will have the chance to watch a wide variety of movies.  Look for the list of selections coming soon.

We will be breaking all the rules this semester because WE CAN!!
We will screen our first movie released in the 2000’s and our first foreign film.

Lost Horizon (1937)
The legendary story of Shangri-La was directed and produced by Frank Capra, and stars Ronald Colman and Jane Wyatt. This dvd is a copy of the newly restored and remastered version, and adds cut scenes and features an alternate ending. At times, stills are substituted for missing footage.

La La Land (2016)
How many times have we said, “they don’t make movies like that anymore.”? Well every once in a while, they do. Described as, “sheer cinematic bliss,” La La Land is a homage to movies of the past, and utilizes joyful music, Oscar-winning cinematography and exquisite color. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (who won Best Actress) star in this gem.

Islands in the Stream (1977)
George C. Scott stars as a character based on Hemingway in this overlooked drama that takes place in the Bahamas in the 1940’s. Though the acting by Scott, Claire Bloom, and David Hemmings is stellar, the nod for Best Cinematography was its only nomination and it disappeared quickly after opening.

Starting Over (1979)
Wonderful Jill Clayburgh and Candice Bergen were both nominated for Oscars for this comedy about – what else – divorce. Burt Reynolds is a recently divorced writer who can’t seem to let go of his past while being set up on blind dates.

I Found Stella Parish (1935)
Kay Francis was THE Queen of Warner Brothers in the 1930’s but is forgotten now. She was never nominated for an Oscar, yet she was incredibly popular with movie audiences – not only for her onscreen poise – but also for her amazing wardrobe. At a time when women characters were center stage, strong and independent, Francis was the epitome of the modern woman. 

Favorite Movies Week
For this week, Susan is taking the reins. I ask that each of you make a list of your 5 favorite movies – absolutely any decade, any year – and tell us why you love them.

Beauty and the Beast  – La belle et la bete (1946)
Directed by French poet, painter, playwright, novelist and actor, Jean Cocteau, Beauty and The Beast is a cinematic step into a fairytale. The special effects – long before computers – along with the set design and makeup are mesmerizing. The story endures of course even as a (ugh) Disney animation feature.

Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993)
Director Woody Allen and Diane Keaton team up again for a mystery about a healthy older neighbor who according to her husband, suddenly has died of a heart attack….or did she? Keaton is convinced it’s murder and along with Alan Alda, and a very funny Anjelica Huston, she vows to investigate.

Thursdays – September 16th through November 5th


10:30 to 11:30 am – Technology with Peggy Palmiter

We are going to start off our technology class with a discussion about the interaction between technology and COVID 19. We all know that COVID changed our relationship to technology, but it has also changed technology itself. Come prepared with your examples of how COVID changed your technology engagement.

  • Bring your questions and devices as we prepare for the rest of the session.

Historical Events

1:30 to 2:30 pm

Historical Events – Richard Botters

Join Richard Botters and discuss a significant historical event each week.  The class will offer a potpourri of events, and you will have the opportunity to suggest some for discussion.  Talk about the events that have shaped our history and our lives.

Special Program – Brandt Ross

On September 30th, Brand Ross will make a special presentation on remembering 9/11.  Come and join us for this great class and special presentation.    

Remember 9/11

Fridays – September 17th through November 6th


10:45 AM to 12:15 PM – Zentangle with Hilary Smith

Many of us have become addicted to wonderful Zentangle!  Because of our connection to Heritage Village in Bethlehem, PA, we have gained an amazing Zentangle teacher and a wonderful new group of Lifespan friends.  Come and see what you can create – and be amazed.