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We have been working hard to make registration for Lifespan events easy peasy!  We are well aware that many of you continue to prefer the old “paper” method.  Some of you don’t want to pay online and we totally understand that, so you can still send us a check in the mail.  But we would like you to consider, just for a moment, some of the benefits of our NEW, WONDERFUL online registration form.

  • You save us from having to enter all your information again.
  • The form adds up the total for you.
  • We are working on auto sign in if you have registered before.
  • This form doesn’t rely on the United States Postal Service! 


We wanted to give you just some hints about using the form.

  • You enter the number of registrations or lunches next to the cost.
  • When you click on submit, it will send you directly to PayPal.  You can log in to your PayPal account, click on pay with credit/ debit card and pay as a guest, or you can simply close the page and send us a check. (Lifespan, 3003 Howell Mill Rd, NW, Atlanta, GA 30327)
  • Feel free to enter any comments or suggestions in the last item on the form.
  • Please check your sessions so we can have a count.

Fall 2021 Registration

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To Learn More....

If you want to know more about the classes on this form, just click HERE and go to the fall class descriptions.  We are excited about what we are offering this session.
10:30 am Monday
Join our own Susan Hills and find the benefits of yoga!
Tuesday Noon
This program will introduce you to all the realities of CSEC and then also talk about how programs in Georgia help.
Tuesday 1:30 pm
Rose Haven will offer our virtual line dancing. We know how to Zoom Line Dancing.
Wednesday 10:30 am
Enjoy an open coffee hour to check in.
Wednesday 1:30 pm
Alexa Foreman is back with the Movie Club!
Thursday at 10:30 am
Get answers to your technology questions with Peggy Palmiter
Thursday 1:30 pm
Richard Botters will discuss the major events in our history. September 30th we will host Brandt Ross and a program on 9/11.
Join us for this unique and relaxing activity class!

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