Fall 2017

See what we have planned.

Most of you know that I  spent my week’s vacation in Michigan, letting my brain rest and my soul enjoy the sound of Lake Michigan waves.  While I was there visiting friends, I wrote a small piece that was due to one of our congregational newsletters about the upcoming Fall Session of Lifespan Academy.  I read it to everyone to get their feedback and I heard my friends say things like “Wow, you have those classes for that price?”  “I’d sign up for that.”  “Those are your instructors?”  Those comments made me realize how much we take for granted at Lifespan Academy.  So it seemed important to take a minute and count our blessings.

We appreciate that most of our instructors have been professors, or teachers or instructors in other programs and institutions.

We are grateful that some of our instructors have worked for television stations, have PhDs,  run their own businesses and still find time to work with Lifespan.

We are truly lucky that our instructors are smart, talented older adults (those terms are not mutually exclusive) who are willing to DONATE their time to offer classes at Lifespan Academy.

We are thankful that our content can give you the tools you need to take charge of your life as you age, allowing you to DO IT YOUR WAY including the folks from the Georgia Tech Assistive Technology Center.

We are in awe that our activity classes are available to you for a nominal additional cost and they are taught by amazing, talented instructors who are committed to their craft and run businesses of their own.

We are proud that there is NOWHERE in the greater Atlanta area where you can get so  much quality content for the price we charge.

We cherish that in addition to amazing content, great choices, and lots of fun, we also have something that other educational programs do not…..a community.

The work we do at Lifespan is to educate and provide strong content, but also to care for our participants, whether they are part of Lifespan Academy or recipients of our Medical Escort Transportation Program.

So take a moment and look at the content of Fall Session on pages 4 and 5.  You know Richard Botters, Julie Wright, Ray Nixon, Dusty Miller, Rose Haven,  Ferd Levy, Tina Rasheed, Jerry Saywer, Rosemary Glenn, and Alexa Foreman.  There are even more than that!  So fill out the registration form and SEND IT IN NOW!  Don’t miss out on a caring, learning community gathering on September 14th.

Peggy Palmiter