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A Changing Wind:  Commerce and Conflict in Civil War Atlanta – Wendy Venet

In 1845, Atlanta was the last stop at the end of a railroad line, the home of just twelve families and three general stores. By the 1860s, it was a thriving Confederate city, second only to Richmond in importance. A Changing Wind is the first history to explore the experiences of Atlanta’s civilians during the young city’s rapid growth, the devastation of the Civil War, and the Reconstruction era when Atlanta emerged as a “New South” city.

Waterproof Justice

In its heyday, Basin Street was the Park Avenue of prostitution. In 1947, Minnie Tucker runs the last great sporting house in the French Quarter. Ruby Smith comes to New Orleans with a new husband and high hopes, only to find her marriage is a sham. She needs a job and a place to live and Minnie needs an honest bookkeeper, so she hires Ruby who easily manages both sets of Minnie’s books. Ruby is just settling into her new life when she sees Anthony Scapesi, son of Don Scapesi, head of the local Mafia, kill a man. As the only witness, Ruby knows she must leave town.

She ends up in Waterproof, a backwater on the Mississippi where she thinks she can hide. True to her Choctaw heritage, Ruby is a woman of few words. However, she is drawn into small town life. Bitsy Verner, a self-appointed matchmaker wastes no time in introducing her to Sheriff Nate Houston, a widower.

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Food and Thought:  Recipes and Conversations with Mitchell Anderson

Food and Thought is a collection of recipes from the MetroFresh menu and excerpts from Mitchell Anderson’s daily blog, which he began writing when the restaurant opened in 2005. The recipes include healthy and comforting breakfast entrees, soups of all kinds, seasonal salad creations, and easy, beautiful dinner entrees. The blog, which was originally created to give potential customers a personal “buy in” to MetroFresh has evolved into an ongoing conversation about life in and out of the restaurant – a stream of consciousness diary touching on food, business, family, and current events.

My Year in Harper – Mal Wilkinson

My Year in Harper tells the story of a twenty-year-old Charles Chandler and his exile from Memphis to a small town in Southwest Mississippi. His encounter with the three old great-aunts he lives with, as well as the many town characters he meets during the year, changes his life in the most unexpected ways.

Tales of Harper – Mal Wilkinson

Tales of Harper is a collection of short stories and poems about the fictional town of Harper, Mississippi. The time setting is approximately from the early twentieth century until today. While none of the characters are real you will recognize some of the people you grew up with if you lived in a small town or visited relatives in small towns. Even city dwellers will be able to relate to some of the stories and characters.