Older But Still Getting Wiser (OBSGW)

You may not have a choice about growing older, but this series proves you have a choice about how you do it.

Older But Still Getting Wiser (OBSGW)

You may not have a choice about growing older, but this series is based on the assumption that you have a choice about how you do it.

This summer we decided that we will live out that philosophy by HAVING FUN!!!  So our summer session is truly all out fun and OBSGW is not exception.  Here are some of the ways we will enjoy ourselves.

July 7th

We lead off with Alexa Forman who will be joining us for a Classic Movie Session with a Beach/ Pool Theme!!  Some of you will remember Alexa, who last summer did a full 6 week series on Turner Classic Movies.  While we can’t have the treat of Alexa joining us all session, she agreed to join us for one session and we thought she should lead it off!!


July 14th

We move on to adult coloring.  Before you decide this is ridiculous and not for you, you need to read more about the stress reducing benefits of adult coloring activities.  It has become the craze.

At Amazon you can purchase coloring books with stress reducing patterns.

The Atlantic did an article talking about the zen of coloring.

CNN tells us why adult coloring books are good for us.

For this session our own Nancy Bour is going to talk about the benefits of adult coloring for us older adults – and we will get some practice.


July 21st

Dance Studio

Our own Rose Haven has agreed to stay for an afternoon session and introduce us all to the joy of dancing!  This is going to be fun.

July 28th

Photo Day!

Enjoy a day of photos – with you, your family, your friends, whoever you wish.  This is much more a photo booth concept as opposed to official family portraits, but we will have fun and enjoy the process of taking our pictures.  You will be able to download the digital files afterwards for printing or safe keeping.

August 4th

Tina Rasheed 

Tina Rasheed will join us for an afternoon and introduce us to Qi Gong.  Several of you have expressed interest, so we thought this might be a good way to provide an introduction.  Tina will be joining us for lunch as well so we can spend some time with her.  Click here to see the flyer that tells you a bit about Qigong


August 11th

Game Day

We are going to wrap up our Fun in the Summer session with a game day.  We will have tables set up all over our class area with a variety of different games to play!!  Have a favorite game you would like to see?  Bring it along or mention it to us so we can try to have it available.