Birding for Fun

Join Lyda Phillips as she talks about the joys and challenges of birding - and learn more about the birds in your own garden.

JULY 21st

Here are the items we will be discussing this week in our birding class.

Ruby Throated Humming Bird:

Drawing one and talking about them.

Humming Birds:

Dear Tn-Birders…

Around 9:30 pm last night I got a text from a fellow Clarksville Audubon member about a message she had received minutes earlier from a homeowner here in Clarksville about a “different-looking” hummingbird that had been at her feeder on and off thru the day.  I contacted the homeowner immediately and was invited to come out today, Friday, July 17th at 7 am to ID the bird and possibly band it.  I captured what turned out to be a Mexican Violetear!

Knowing the rarity of this species and our desire to share it, I asked the homeowner if they were comfortable with having fellow birders come see their bird.  She had many questions with regard and said she needed to discuss it all with her husband when he got home from work.

Late this afternoon the homeowner texted to tell me that she had NOT seen the bird since mid-morningAND even if the hummingbird returns, she and her husband had decided that due to their personal circumstances, COVID and the lack of feeder access and visibility from the road, they preferred NOT to host any visitors and asked to remain anonymous and their location to remain private. 

Keep watching those feeders…you never know what you might find.

We were talking last week about using sketches to draw the field markings of birds so you can figure out later what they might be.  Here are two examples – one from Jane during class last week and one from Mimi during the week.  Our topic this week is the mocking bird – which is the image below here.


We have been using a number of different links during our classes and this is a list of them here.


 Field Marks

 Bird Count

 Feeder Watch


 eBird Essentials

Lyda Phillips is joining us for the next four weeks to talk about Birding! We are thrilled to have her.

Here is the information on what we will be discussing.

This is  a link to an article she wrote as a teenager that she talked about in class.

We will be including additional information over the course of the four weeks, so make sure you come back and visit.

Here is the recording of our first session on birding. It was wild and fun! Make sure you go and pick up your Sibleys Bird app so you can really enjoy all the fun for the next three weeks.