Lifespan Holiday Extravaganza

Here are the details as we share them. Some things are a surprise!




Our Fall Session ends on October 30th and we don’t begin classes again until January. We all know that the holidays in 2020 won’t be like any we have experienced. We won’t be attending all those holiday parties or complaining that we can’t fit all our invitations into the schedule. And many of us will not be gathering with family the way we used to.

Our morning coffee hour will continue to be available throughout this time. The room will be open at 10 am for coffee hour, and the link will be the same as the Fall Session Morning Link. Many of you talked about how important it is to know that you can check in with friends live – or as live as we get right now – so we will be continuing with our morning coffees. You will see different hosts on different days, including some of our Lifespan members, so you never know what interesting things you might learn.

BUT WAIT! Before you get too depressed, we are also offering our weekly Holiday Extravaganza.

We are finalizing plans, but it looks like we will have a concert, perhaps a DJ, a Virtual flower arranging event, wreath making, Game day, surprises in the mail, and possibly a meal together on Zoom. Most of these events are Zoom events, but we will be delivering some things or have a drive through pick up. And you will be getting some things in the mail.

There is not a charge for these 8 weeks and we will give you a more detailed scheduled as we firm up the plans.

BUT – YOU NEED TO SIGN UP TO PARTICIPATE. We will be making a financial commitment for everyone who signs up, so please take this sign up seriously. If you say yes below we will be including you in our count for plans.

Yes, you have to trust us a bit. We will share more details shortly, but we are also working to offer some surprises.

We will publish the schedule each week, and sometimes you may have to rearrange your busy schedule to accommodate our guest performers and events.

So if you think you want to be part of the fun fill out the form HERE.

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