morning glory

Morning Glory

In the morning at Lifespan Academy we offer two one hour classes, one at 10 and the second at 11:15.  Your biggest challenge will be trying to decide which class to take.  That’s why we call it Morning Glory!!  Take a peak and see what we mean.

Interested in joining us?  Click HERE to go to the registration page.

10:00 to 11:00 am

The Motion Picture Studio – Alexa Foreman

Each week Alexa Forman will focus on a different movie studio.  Some of the selections will include Metro Goldwyn Mayer, 20th Century-Fox, RKO (Radio Keith Orpheum) and others. (Limit 20 Participants)

Shakespeare Survey Course – 

Atlanta Artistic Director Jeffrey Watkins and Senior Company Actor Tony Brown

This course will be a series of interactive lecture/demonstrations in, around, and about Shakespeare and his incredible legacy. The first two classes will center on “The Five Keys to Understanding and Enjoying Shakespeare”. There will also be readings from his plays, discussion of his life in the theater, and likely some audience participation with tips and tricks for enjoying the Bard while reading aloud. (Limit 20 Participants)

Tales from Southern Humorists – Camilla Cruikshank

LISTEN, LAUGH, AND LEARN – Listen to stories by some of the South’s funniest writers. We will hear about literary icon, Flannery O’Connor and her beloved peacocks, and journalist Molly Ivin’s outrageous stories about carousing with members of the Texas State Legislature. Laugh out loud at the bad boys of journalism such as Dave Barry, Lewis Grizzard, Roy Blount, and Rick Bragg. They never grew up and always loved writing about their “wild” days.  Learn how these masters of storytelling use wit and descriptive language to shock, inform, and entertain the reader. They all have strong opinions on everything from making cornbread to surviving their teenage years in the South. (Limit 20 Participants)

 Tai Chi – Dawud Rasheed

Tai Chi, an ancient mind-body practice, is brought to us by Dawud Rasheed. Join us for gentle stretching and strengthening exercises that will help improve balance and energy flow.  There is a fee of $25 with registration, or $50 for Tai Chi only.  

11:15 to 12:15 pm

Art Studio – Marilyn Morton

The Summer Art Studio will be open to all drawing media, 2B and 4B pencils, colored pencils, pen and ink, chalks, oil pastel, and water color paint.  We will have class compositional problems to solve in the different techniques, and will share still life setups to include simple objects, plant materials, and patterned fabrics.  Our objectives will include the increasing competence of students to control their media and to produce increasingly refined drawings and drawing-based watercolors.

WE HAVE ARTISTS IN LIFESPAN!!!  Visit our blog to read about the Lifespan Art Show from our Spring Session .

Potpourri of Lifespan Talent

We originally planned to have Frances Harrold teach a class during this time on Women of Georgia.  But due to a car accident (don’t worry, Frances is doing fine) she won’t be able to offer her wisdom until the Fall session!  So, after our Art Show (check out the blog online for more details), we realized that we have a whole bunch of talent right here among our Lifespan Participants. From all of our talented and entertaining family members, we have asked 6 of you to fill for this session.  The rest of you should be prepared because you may be next.  We are already working on it.  We will post the full details on our new website.  Just click Lifespan Academy/ Morning Glory.

I Remember – Rosemary Glenn and Jerry Sawyer

Back by popular demand. Bring your memories and experiences, paper and pen to write the stories you want your children and grandchildren to know about and enjoy. We spend class time sharing what we write.  Rosemary Glenn and Jerry Sawyer will show you how to bring your stories to life.

 Line Dancing – Rose Haven

Join the fun as Rose leads low risk, low impact line dancing to get both your mind and body active.  There is a fee of $25 with registration, or $50 for Line Dancing only.