Line Dancing with Rose

This is where you will find all the resources for Rose's Line Dancing on Zoom

August 3, 2021 – It’s the end of our Summer 2021 Session – and it’s been a roller coaster!  Here is a new one Rose taught this session.

Rose introduced us to the My Sweetheart Dance a couple of weeks ago.  Here are some links to videos of the dance as well as the step sheet.

 My Sweetheart

 Slow teach by Jo of My Sweetheart and demo to Scooters song “Let Me Call You Sweetheart)


Hi All!

Welcome to Fall Session – Rose has added some additional step sheets on the new dances she is using this Fall

This dance is sometimes also called Who Did You Call Darling Mambo. Many different dances often have the same name – so the step sheet and two video’s that include instruction and demo’s are the SAME dance taught in class last week.   Step Sheet for Darling Mambo  teach and demo of Darling Mambo #1 teach and demo of Darling Mambo   #2

Rita’s Waltz:

 Step Sheet:

 Video with instruction and demo:



Here are the more recent additions from Rose as of July 30, 2020.  You can click on the links to get to the step sheets and videos:

Mamma Maria

Step Sheet


Rocket to the Sun 

Step sheet


EeeZee Boogie 

Step Sheet

Video – a large young group of dancers added claps!

Video with teaching dance first

Video small group


Here is the step sheet.

Here are links to the dances we’ve done so far this month on the LifeSpan Zoom Line Dance Classes. The links will be of a written step sheet and a link to youtube for a visual instructional video or demonstration of the dances. I’ve made some adjustments to the dances in class to experiment on this new way of teaching or adjust for dancing on carpet.

Also at the end of this class list, I’m also including a link to see Jo Thompson Szymanski, quickly walking through or teaching some of these dances below so that you can dance along with her on good quality video’s. I do this almost daily, since it makes me feel like I’m NOT dancing alone, but with her!

If you have any questions, just reach out to Peggy at [email protected] and she will connect us.

Stay safe and have fun dancing! I miss seeing you all in person but I’m loving Zoom!


Good Morning (warm-up dance) to the song Good Morning by Mandisa and feat. Toby Mac


Demo of the  Dance

Think to the song Think by Areatha Franklin (2 wall)

Here is the step sheet, since this dance is not on-line. Let us know if you have trouble opening it.

Country As Can Be: to the song Lonely Drum by Aaron Goodvin or Country As a Boy Can Be by Brady Seals (1 or 4 wall dance)

Step Sheet

Demo of the dance  (Choreographer – in middle with red hair – dancing with club dancers) – Working to get video

Barefootin’: to song Barefootin by Scooter Lee (4 wall dance turning ¼ to the right at the end of the dance).

Step Sheet

Demo of the dance  (dance is taught and then demonstrated by Jo and dancers)

C’est La Vie: to the song I Hold On by Dierks Bently

Step Sheet

Demo of the dance

Cut A Rug: to song Honky Tonk U by Toby Keith or Cut A Rug by Scooter Lee (2 wall dance)

Step Sheet

Demo of the dance – (Jo teaching dance and a demo with contra line)

Swingin’ Thing: to songs Honey Hush or Pride and Joy by Scooter Lee or Lot of Leavin’ left to do by Dierks Bently.

Step Sheet

Demo of the dance  – (Jo teaching it, and a demo in a circle)

Closer Walk with Thee by Frank Trace

Step sheet 

Demo of dance Closer Walk with Theewith Scooter Lee singing and Frank Trace on stage too.

Just A Two Steppin’ with Jo Thompson (choreographer)

Demo of the dance 

Step Sheet for Just A Two Steppin’

If you go the Scooters website: it will bring up a screen with Scooter Lee on the Left, and a total of 5 different video’s links on the right side (below of Jo’s picture ) of Jo doing a quick “walk-through” of dances (these are not a slow instructional videos). Check out the first Video (labeled Newbies), as well as the other 4 videos there. She always mentions the choreographers and names of the dances, so if you want a slower teach of the dance you can find it on youtube as well or in the above links for the dances we’ve done so far. Let me know if you need help in finding the instructional videos.

A direct link to just the easier dances for Newbies, with Jo doing a quick walk first (not a slow instructions) but you see more dance video’s you may like at the Scooter Lee website above.

Hi and Welcome to the  Spring 2021 Season of Lifespan.  Rose has added a step sheet for you.  Enjoy

Click here for The Big E Step Sheet.