Our Talented Family

We have started and continue a project to interview our Lifespan family members. You will be amazed at what you learn from these audio recordings, and we encourage you to join us at Lifespan Academy for our next series of interviews.

Interview with Steve Walton

Technical difficulties resulted in this interview being cut off. Enjoy the first half and ask Steve about the rest.

Interview with Jane Mitchell

Technical difficulties caused this interview to be cut off. Enjoy the first half ad ask Jane about the second half.

Interview with Rose Haven

We fixed our problem and now we have the full interview.

Rosemary with Lifespan Friends

Here is our interview with Rosemary Glenn.

Betty Lou Kearney

We have pictures of Betty Lou’s work but not of her?? Why do you think that is? Just click to listen to her story.

Interview with Marie Davis

Our wonderful interview with Marie Davis!