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The Story of Medical Escort Transportation
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MET angel blurbThe MET Story

There is so much more to Medical Escort Transportation than just a ride.  We know how much our elders depend on the MET service and we know our volunteers feel a connection to the elders they drive.  The challenge was to find a way to communicate the power of those relationships to all of you.

All of us who presently have the ability to drive ourselves around Atlanta may feel annoyed at the traffic or frustrated that the roads aren’t better maintained.  We have not yet experienced the shock of someone telling us we are not able to drive.  We have not yet experienced the feelings of being required to relinquish our keys.

The story only begins there, however.  We spent several hours talking with some of our drivers and elders and we videotaped those conversations. We are hoping these conversations will tell you the rest of the stories.  Stories of relationship, of gratitude, of caring and connection.  You will see our videos here, as well as on all of our social media channels. Our first three videos are below.

We hope they convince you to become an MET angel, either by volunteering to drive or making an MET Angel donation.

Just give us a call at 404-237-7307.

Our first three videos are below. If you want to view them full screen or you need up increase the volume, just click on the TV or volume symbols in the bottom right corner. The large video at the bottom includes all three of the first videos.

MET Angel Video One

MET Angel Video Two

MET Angel Video Three