Medical Escort Transportation Service

Suspended this service because of COVID-19

We realize that many people rely on our MET service.

We have made the decision to suspend our Medical Escort Transportation Service indefinitely.  At this point, our primary concern is the heath and safety of our older adult riders and our volunteer drivers.  In an effort to keep both of you safe, we are suspending the service until further notice.  We cannot figure out a way to adhere to all of the public health guidelines while at the same time providing this program.  We are hoping to resume the service in the future, but we will keep you posted as we go forward.  Please return to this space for further information as well.  

We have reached out to the riders who had appointments scheduled with us – or with their senior living community.  If you didn’t hear from us and have questions, please continue to call our regular office line – 404-237-7307.  We retrieve the messages on a regular basis and we will return your call.  Take care of yourself during this time and stay safe.