MET Update

Drivers in, drivers out, more drivers needed!

We have moved into new communities with our MET Program.  We have a group beginning in Tucker, as well as a group developing in southwest Atlanta.  We have a small, new group of drivers in Northwest – just in Cobb county, and we continue to add folks already connected to Lifespan or to Trinity.

While we are pleased with the additions, we have also lost some drivers this year, through illness, life changes, or leaving the area.  We take steps forward, but also have to deal with the realities of life handing us steps back as well.  We applied to AARP for a Challenge grant to expand the MET program into Tucker, a lifelong community.  While we did not receive the grant, Tucker is a natural MET neighborhood, and the community is excited and invested in moving the program forward.

The most important thing about our work with the MET program is that we continue to have more and more elders requesting the service.  We have added 15 new riders to the program, and more are calling in need.  We take all applications, but we do not promise service except in areas where we know we have volunteers available to meet the need.

You can continue to help!  Give us suggestions about groups we can talk with about the MET program.  Send us folks who want to know more about it.  Donate.  All of those things make a difference.