Older But Still Getting Wiser (OBSGW) Fall 2019

You may not have a choice about growing older, but you can learn how to do it your way!

Older But Still Getting Wiser (OBSGW)

You may not have a choice about growing older, but this series is based on the assumption that you have a choice about how you do it.

We have heard a lot about the selection of classes for this series, everything from “Don’t talk so much about dying” to “Make sure you add some fun things.”  to “Can we learn meditation?”  to “Why didn’t I listen to that class on planning your next stage before I needed it?”.

All of those reactions and suggestions are included in this series of offerings.  We have some fun loving stuff, like how to grow healthy house plants.  We have included some of that planning stuff you don’t always like, including how to talk with your family about your wishes and what’s important for caregivers to think about.  We have a great session on understanding dementia, including how knowledge is power.  And finally we will have a sample session on Yoga and two sessions that will help you develop your own meditation practice.  All I can say is WOW!


September 12th

We lead off with Lauren Hamilton from Senior Provisions who will remind us about the confusing terminology regarding levels of care, those pesky costs for care, and figuring out your care needs.  And our favorite doctor, Dr Black will be with us to talk about depression and aging.  Yes, one of those difficult, but oh so important conversations.   

September 19th

Jim Fox will be joining us this session, not to bring his guitar and sing for us, but rather to talk about his other work – to educate, empower and engage regarding dementia.  Yes, I know, this is another one of those uncomfortable conversations, but what Jim brings to the discussion is the realization that knowledge is power.  Remember our OBSGW saying about having some say in how we age?  That’s what Jim’s work is all about. And sometimes when we get information, things we have feared just don’t seem quite as scary.  Here is a brief description of his workshop:

A presentation for those who want to know the basics about dementia… great for those who think a loved one might have dementia, others who need to know about dementia, and anyone who would benefit from additional knowledge about the many diseases that fall under the umbrella term of “dementia.”

Visit his website to read more about his work.


September 26th

Try some Chair Yoga!  

Susan Hills, Lifespan’s own bookkeeper is also a certified yoga instructor.  She offered to give us taste of a chair yoga class so you could all try something a little different.

Chair yoga is a great way for older adults who may struggle with balance and flexibility to get the health benefits that come with regular yoga practice.  Yoga is an excellent way to stretch muscles, improve joint stability, reduce stress, and improve circulation.  Yoga can also help lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and build strength and balance.  Come try it out!

October 3rd

Grow Great House Plants – Benny Tjia

We are pleased to have Benny Tjia with us for this session.  Benny is a horticulturalist and a botanist, who loves sharing what he knows with older adults in his retirement.  When we talked he had a wide variety of topics he could share, but being able to grow plants when you don’t have a gigantic garden at your disposal seemed like a really wonderful topic.  Please make Benny feel welcome – and thank you Bill Easterlin for finding him for us.

October 3rd – Having the Hard Conversations

Panel Discussion – 12:30 to 1:30 pm

Chinara Aklilu

Georgia Life Link

Paul Black

Elderlaw Attorney

Terry Preston

Volunteer Coordinator for LongLeaf Hospice

October 10th

Medicare Changes for 2020 – Anita Richards

Anita Richards from Piedmont Sixty Plus is going to be with us again this year to talk about any changes coming up in Medicare next year.  This is a good time to jot down your questions and bring them with you.  If Anita doesn’t know the answer off hand, she will find out for us and get back to you.  She has been a favorite each year and we truly appreciate her coming to speak with us this year.  Thank you Anita!

October 17th

Caring for the Caregiver – Charles Livingston

Charles Livingston will be discussing issues faced by caregiver family members.  Charles has been involved with Emory Center for Rehab Medicine and the New Zealand Program for Caregivers.  He wrote a paper on his own experiences as a caregiver, which he updates for Emory every year.  We look forward to his discussion of these important issues.  Thank you again, Bill Easterlin.

Charles talked about a wonderful document on brain health and I promised to have it available for you to read or download.  Just click here.  It’s a large file, so be patient.


October 24th and 31st

Creating Your Personal Meditation Practice in Just Two Weeks

Jennifer Finch, MA

You probably already know the importance of meditation for your personal and spiritual growth, but like many others it may not yet be something you do everyday. Most of us live our lives running from task to task, distraction to distraction.  And even though we have the intention to take time for ourselves and to meditate, these often get put at the bottom of our list because life simply takes over.

For these two weeks, Jen invites you to start and commit to a daily mindfulness meditation practice. Are you ready to feel truly VIBRANT and ALIVE?  If the answer is yes, than you don’t want to miss this class.

Jennifer holds a M.A. in Counseling Physchology and is the founder and senior teacher of Be Here Now Mindfulness, LLC.  She also practices are the Atlanta Center for Wellness.  She has been practicing clinician for almost  two decades. In 2013 she incorporated meditation as her main therapeutic modality and has seen tremendous results. Come out and join for a peace of mind!