Technology Fall 2021

We will add recordings or other resources from our fall class here.

All About Apps!! – September 23, 2021

Here are some apps that you might want to consider for your mobile device.

100 Best Android Apps from PC Mag

Best iPhone apps for 2021 from PC Magazine

Absentee Ballots

The absentee ballot process has gotten a lot more complicated with the new voting bill.  Here are some of the things we can review.

Absentee Voting in Georgia SOS page

Fillable pdf form

Your county info

Key Election Dates 2021

Key Election Dates 2022

Secure your ballot

My Voter Page

Security Online

When you mention the issue of security everyone thinks of something different.  This topic includes everything from identity theft to virus protection to malware protection to mobile devices too computers.  Hopefully, over the fall session, we will be able to pull some of these various issues apart and talk about them individually.  We will talk about some of the tools and programs available for you to enjoy your online and mobile experiences without fear – or at least with less fear.


Best Antivirus Software – computer:

Windows – free – is Microsoft Defender

Windows subscription:  Norton 360 with lifelock select

Best Malware protection:  Malewarebytes

CNET Recommendations

Techradar Recommendations

Toms Guide Recommendations


Tom’s Guide

Android Suggestions

Android antivirus apps – tom’s guide

Android virus apps – PC mag

IOS suggestions:

Best iPhone Antivirus apps – Techradar

Best Mac antivirus software

Do you need antivirus on an iPad or iPhone?


Best ones – tom’s guide


tom’s guide suggestions