Lifespan Summer 2021

In-Person Classes – Thursdays, July 1st through August 5th


Located at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 3003 Howell Mill Road, NW, Atlanta, GA 30327


11:00 AM – 12:00 Noon – Session I – Movement or Brainwork

Try some Chair Yoga!  

Susan Hills, Lifespan’s own bookkeeper is also a certified yoga instructor.  She offered to give us taste of a chair yoga class so you could all try something a little different.

Chair yoga is a great way for older adults who may struggle with balance and flexibility to get the health benefits that come with regular yoga practice.  Yoga is an excellent way to stretch muscles, improve joint stability, reduce stress, and improve circulation.  Yoga can also help lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and build strength and balance.  Come try it out!

The Hidden Brain Series:  We will be using material from the podcast “The Hidden Brain”  by Shankar Vedantam.  Participants will listen to a podcast episode prior to class and then we will have a guest speaker who will share some practical ways that phenomenon is experienced in the real world. 

As an example, we will listen to the episode “Why We Hold On To Things,” where Vedantam talks with Psychologist Bruce Hood about our relationship with our possessions.  Then, Kaye Ginsberg, owner of Peaceful Transitions, a downsizing and moving company for older adults, will talk about how that translates into the real world.  Each week’s podcast will be on the calendar page for that week and included in the Weekly Reader Email.

Also you can find the week’s podcast on this event page from the calendar.

12:15 PM to 1:15 PM – Boxed Lunch from Panera Bread

Boxed lunches will be $15, including drink.  There will be a selection of individual bottled drinks.  Please indicate if you prefer a sandwich box of a salad box on your registration form.  If you prefer, you are free to bring your own food and drink.

1:30 PM to 2:30 PM – Session 2 – Authors or Games

July 1st – LET”S CELEBRATE!!


We are starting out with a great celebration!  We are gathering together again and we asked the Atlanta Theater to Go to perform for us.  The cast will be performing their Summer production of “A Little Thing Called Love.”  We know you will enjoy it.  Come on and have a great time.

Author Talk:  Come and listen to several authors talk about their work and how they created it.  Grace Hawthorne will start us off on July 8th at 1:30.  (Remember we have Atlanta Theater To Go on the 1st).  She will be discussing her new book, Lost River.  We will also listen to Terry Foody, author of The Pie Seller, The Drunk and The Lady (also connected to Mimi Roberts family history), and we will have an interview with an actress (one that all of you know). 

The schedule will be on the calendar page for that week and included in the Weekly Reader Email.



Deal Me In:  Not interested in authors and books at the moment?  No problem.  We will have all sorts and kinds of entertainment available for you to join in.  Like Bingo?  That’s an option.  Zenga fan?  No problem, we have it.  Euchre?  Pinochle?  Scrabble?  Mancala anyone?  Just stop in and see what we decided to take on that afternoon.