Lifespan Summer 2021

Virtual Classes from Tuesday, January 29th through Friday, August 6th


MORNING COFFEE:  10:00 AM – Each Weekday the Zoom Morning Classroom is available for coffee hour.  Whether or not you are attending the 10:30 virtual class that day or going to the in-person sessions on Thursdays, you are always welcome to stop in for coffee.  Make a date with one of the other Lifespan participants and meet up for a check in.

TUESDAYS – June 29th through August 3rd

The News Literacy Project

10:30 AM – Checkology with Peggy Palmiter

Our technology class this session will be just a bit different.  “The News Literacy Project is a nonpartisan national education nonprofit, that provides programs and resources for educators and the public to teach, learn and share the abilities needed to be smart, active consumers of news and information and equal and engaged participants in a democracy.”  If you want more information, you can read their brochure here.  They have developed a curriculum called “Checkology,”  used by educators at all levels and in all communities to help us be smarter consumers of information.  Peggy will use a variety of their online tools, their Checkology quizzes, the “Is That a Fact?” Podcast,  and their extensive resource library to teach this class.  Assignments will be located on the class page in the calendar and included in the Weekly Reader Email.  Come and join the conversation.

1:30 PM – Line Dancing with Rose Haven

This class online will be a disappointment for some of you and a relief for others.  Rose agreed to continue another session with an online version of her wonderful line dancing class.  Many of you have enjoyed having this option available, while others of you are pining for line dancing in person.  We are all hoping that Rose will be with us in person in the fall.  But don’t miss out on the dancing.

Line Dancing

Wednesdays – June 30th through August 4th

Tai Chi

10:30 AM – Tai Chi with Tina Rasheed

As the pandemic changed our schedule, it also changed the schedule for our instructors.  Tina has kept Wednesdays committed to Lifespan throughout the pandemic and now has new commitments on Thursdays.  And the Fall Session she will be taking a bit of a break.  All that being said, we didn’t want to miss out on Tina’s Tai Chi for the summer.  Come and join the healthy way to move. 

1:30 PM – Birding with Lyda Phillips

Lyda is back to help us find out more about the birds around us and help us enjoy them even more.  She is now in New Mexico, so get ready for all new stories about birds and birding in a new location.  She will talk about humming birds, your favorite and offer some advice about what plants attract what birds.  Come and join in.  You may become a birder in spite of yourself.

Birding for Everyone

Fridays – June 2nd through August 6th


10:45 AM to 12:15 PM – Zentangle with Hilary Smith

Many of us have become addicted to wonderful Zentangle!  Because of our connection to Heritage Village in Bethlehem, PA, we have gained an amazing Zentangle teacher and a wonderful new group of Lifespan friends.  Come and see what you can create – and be amazed.