We will offer in-person classes each Thursday starting June 30th and ending July 28th.  

We will offer Virtual Zentangle Class on Fridays from 10:45 to 12:15 starting July 1st and ending July 29th.

Any in-person class marked with an OWL icon is also available on Zoom virtually.  Links will be on the calendar page.The in-person classes on Thursday will be at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church

3180 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305 from 10 am through 3:00 pm  

Look at the classes and think about joining us.   Ready to register now?  

Click here for the Summer Registration Form

VIRTUAL COFFEE HOUR – MON, TUES, WED – 10:30 to 11:30 am

Morning Coffee

We know how much you enjoy your virtual coffee hour, so we are still planning on saying Good Morning every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursdays we have our in-person session, and Friday mornings we enjoy our Zentangle.

Come and join in the conversation.  Everyone has something they want to talk about and you might learn a few things in the process.


10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Session

A Little Tangle


Yoga with a Little Tangle!  

We are trying something a little different during this class’s first and last week. Susan and Peggy think the Zen of Zentangle and the Zen of Yoga fit together. So the first and last week of this class, we bring them together. Susan will start with some Yoga, and then we will do “a little tangle.” Then finish up with Yoga.

Some of you aren’t interested in Zentangle. You can either give it a try or just bring something to work on quietly for the few minutes we are tangling. After the first week, this class will be all yoga!

Then the last week, we will have Yoga and then end with a little tangle.  Again, if you aren’t interested in a tiny tangle, bring something meditative for you to be able to finish off the class.

For the three middle weeks, come and enjoy Susan’s calm lead with this yoga class and get a relaxed start to our summer session.


11:15 AM to 12:15 PM Sessions

Summer Fun Series

This summer we are doing 5 weeks of fun speakers and activities.  We thought it would be good to do something light and fun, so here you go.

Each week is a different kind of fun, so make sure you keep track of the schedule.

The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case

Alexa Foreman talks Laurel and Hardy

June 30th and July 7th

Alexa Foreman returns to give us some classic movie fun!  She is an amazing expert on classic movies and she is focused on Laurel and Hardy this time around.

In our first class, we will watch the Laurel and Hardy Murder Case and then get a chance to hear Alexa talk about all the details.  The second class she will take on The Music Box.  Come and join in the fun.

The Music Box

A Magic Show

JULY 14th

We are excited to welcome Matt Baker, Mathematician, and Magician.  Matt will entertain us with a great magic show with “astonishing feats of mind-reading and has been known to make impossible things happen with coins, rubber bands, and finger rings. ”  

This show is part of your regular academy registration, but you can also invite 2 people at no additional cost.  If you invite more folks than 2, it’s $10 each for the show only and $25 for the show and lunch.  Come and enjoy this great performance.

If you want to know more about Matt, just CLICK HERE.

JULY 21st – Can you make wontons?

We are excited that Lifespan’s friend Haunani Kekuna has agreed to show us the wonderful art of folding wontons.  I had the privilege of her teaching once, and I am looking forward to the refresher.

We are planning, is all works out, to have you actually build some wontons during class and then you get to taste the really good ones that we are asking the chef to pan fry for us.

Sound like fun??  You bet.

Making Wontons

The History of Hats

July 28th

History of Hats and How to Wrap a Scarf

We get a two part class this week.  First, Susan will once again bring us a history of design class.  This time, it’s all about hats.  REMEMBER TO WEAR YOUR HATS.

Then Zandra will give usd all a demonstration on how to create amazing and beautiful scarf wraps.

Scarf Wrapping

Artsy Fartsy 

We have three weeks of Artsy Fartsy this session.  The other two weeks of the session we are all meeting together for our Magic show and the history of Arts and scarf wrapping.  Here are the three weeks of Artsy Fartsy: 


June 30th and July 7th – Placemat Purse

For the first two weeks of our Summer Artsy Fartsy Series we are making placemat purses.  We have set aside 2 weeks for this craft project, because there is a whole lot of glue drying going on.  And REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR EMBELLISHMENTS!

If we have some extra time, we will be adding embellishments to hats.  Several of you have asked if you can add things to a hat.  Since we set aside two weeks for this project, when you have some extra time you can always work on a hat.  We will have some additional things available if you want to add things to your hat project.

July 21st – Summer Welcome Wreath with Terry Preston

Terry Preston, from Long Leaf Hospice, is returning to offer us a fun summer craft project.  We love having Terry visit us and we are glad to have her back.  

You too can have a fun, summer crazy welcome wreath on your front door!  And we can have fun creating it.  Please come and join Terry for some creative fellowship.  And hear about her Radical Readers and all the books she has collected.

Summer Door Wreath

12:30 PM to 1:15 PM – Lunch

We are thrilled the Chef Bob will be able to cook for us.  We already know he’s a great chef.  The charge for lunch will be $15.  OR BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH AND JOIN THE CONVERSATION.

Rev. Julie Wright and the clergy from Peachtree Road United Methodist Church will offer devotional comments during lunch.    We thank them for their pastoral care of our Lifespan Family and we look forward to having this brief spiritual time.

1:30 PM to 2:30 PM – Afternoon Sessions

Learning Canva – Peggy Palmiter

We will spend five weeks learning everything we can about CANVA and how to use it. We will start by pulling together all of the “digital assets” you want to use in your project and how to know exactly where everything is. Then we will begin to create.

We are in the process of creating wonderful things using Canva.  Here is the link if you wish to attend the class virtually. 

Virtual Fridays – Zentangle – 10:45 to 12:15

Zentangle with Hilary Smith

Many of us have become passionate about wonderful Zentangle!  Because of our connection to Heritage Village in Bethlehem, PA, we have gained an amazing Zentangle teacher and a wonderful new group of Lifespan friends.  Come and see what you can create – and be amazed.

We are excited to bring you this class, and Haunani and I are excited to lead two classes when Hilary is in Africa.  We thought you might enjoy some new and different things.