Technology Learning Center (TLC)

Take a look at all of our technology classes.

Come Experience Technology at Lifespan

We are doing lots of different things in technology.

  • During the break between sessions we are offering an Android class.  
  • During the Spring Session of Lifespan Academy we are offering an additional four weeks of Android at 10.
  • The second half of the 10 am session will be four weeks of Technology Help Center.  Bring your device and your questions.
  • During the Spring Session we are also offering an afternoon iPad and iPhone Class.

Click the images below to read the details on these classes.

iPad and iPhone Class

Our iPad and iPhone class is one of our most popular.  There are always things you can learn or learn again about your apple device. New and experienced users are welcome.

Android Class

We try not to discriminate if you don’t happen to be an appler.  Come and learn about all of those “other” devices.

Digital Photography

We offered this class awhile back, but many of you are still interested in the information, so we saved it.  We will be updating it over the summer.

Bots and Trolls

What you need to know about Bots and Trolls.  Who is talking to you online?