Lifespan is 36 years old!

Let's keep building communities that welcome us as we age!


Ah, summer….slower days, trips and fun, sun and sea!  I was thinking about how nice it is to have a slightly quieter, calmer time of year.  And as I thought about that, it seemed like this is a good time to reach out to all of you who care about Lifespan and give you a nudge!

Lifespan is 36 years old!  Can you believe that?  And the only reason we continue to build communities and provide programs and services is through the support of that community.  But there are many, many ways that you all can support us—not just with financial donations.  So I decided this is a good time to give you a list…..of 36 ways to build Lifespan!!

Lifespan Academy



  1. Tell everyone you meet about Lifespan Academy.
  2. Bring a friend to Lifespan Academy
  3. Try Tai Chi—Tell Tai Chi. Pass along the zen.
  4. Introduce your friends to line dancing.
  5. Experience the amazing movement of Ageless Grace!
  6. Describe the comradery at lunch—and our foolish fun.
  7. Show a friend what you learned to do with your iPhone, iPad.
  8. Take photos at Academy and show them to people—with your phone.
  9. Tell someone one thing you learned at Academy.
  10. Talk about how inexpensive the Academy is for great classes.
  11. Brag about our instructors.

Medical Escort Transportation

  1. Drive an elder to the doctor—IT’S ONLY 4 HOURS A MONTH FOR GOSH SAKES.
  2. Make some new friend—our elders enjoy the company.
  3. Stop worrying about insurance—yours, ours & Good Samaritan Act are all on your side.
  4. Imagine what you would feel if we took away YOUR keys.
  5. Call Zandra and create an MET Neighborhood in your community.
  6. Imagine an elder sitting in their living room needing a ride. Yes, driving in Atlanta is a real PAIN.  But they are hoping you might be inconvenienced for just four hours.
  7. Help us find community contacts to speak to about MET.
  8. Connect us to your community group and invite us to a meeting.
  9. Tell your friends that we need drivers and our elders are counting on them.
  10. Recommend a friend to be a driver.
  11. Sign up to be an MET rider—you never know when you might need it yourself.
  12. Make an MET Angel Donation.


So here is the last 12—and it’s about more than just writing a check!

  1. Donate an item for our Fall Silent Auction—it’s going to be great. Just call the office.
  2. Host a Lifespan Fundraiser. We will be happy to help you host an event for Lifespan.
  3. Make a legacy gift to Lifespan through a deferred giving option.
  4. Give a gift of stocks—we love stocks and bonds—no kidding.
  5. Tell your children about us and make sure they know you’ve made a gift to Lifespan.
  6. Make us a beneficiary of your life insurance policy (just a tiny one).
  7. Think about us when you are looking at your taxes—we are a great deduction.
  8. Meet with your financial advisor and tell him or her about Lifespan.
  9. Donate a teacher’s lunch at academy.
  10. Sponsor a morning snack.
  11. Put us in your will.
  12. And of course, if you are willing and able, write a check or donate online.    You can just click the button at the bottom of the page.

So, as you review these 36 ways to build and promote Lifespan, all I ask is that you consider what’s possible for you.  If everyone who supports Lifespan just did 3 or 4 of these things, we could take off in new and exciting directions.  I hope you will give all 36 ways some thought and bring us your ideas for more.

Thanks for all you do for Lifespan.  Peggy Palmiter