LIFESPAN TOAST PROGRAM - Technology Under Control

TOAST:  Teaching Older Adults Smart Technology:

Tired of asking your grandchildren to help you with your device? 

Tired of them taking it away and doing it for you?

Don’t want to ask them again?

If you answer to any of these questions if yes, then Lifespan TOAST is for you.


INDIVIDUAL COACHING:  Some of us just learn better when we are the only ones in the class!      

Some of us just need individual coaching to learn this new technology. 

Call the office and inquire about an appointment with one of our coaches.  

 Fee: $100 for 3 -1 hour sessions.

TECHNOLOGY CLASSES:  Classes are always offered during Lifespan Academy.

We offer both iPad/ iPhone classes and Android Classes.

Call the office and check what’s coming up on the schedule.

Fee: $50 for a 6 week session (outside of Lifespan Academy)


Bring any device and any question. We will analyze the problem, see what you need to solve the problem and make recommendations. In some cases we can fix the problem right then and there.

We can bring a clinic to your organization. Call us for a schedule of the next clinics and sign up to get some free advice. FEE: Free

TECHNOLOGY HOUSE CALLS:  Sometimes the only answer is to “lay on hands.” 

We provide troubleshooting, set up smart devices, make sure your Internet connection is right for you, and, most importantly, we make sure that all of your security features are working to protect you. 

Need a new phone/ computer/ tablet?   We help you select the phone, tablet or device that will work best for you.  And then we can help you set it up. 

FEE:  $100 for the first hour and $50 for successive hours.

SUBSCRIPTION PLANS:  If you wish that you could just call someone with your question, our convenient and affordable subscription plans are for you.

After we have made a house call, we can offer you a monthly subscription to keep everything up to speed.  Just call and we will try to answer or log in to see if we can help you figure it out.

$10 per month for one device

$18 per month for two devices

$25 per month for three or more devices


Lifespan Resources, 3003 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30327