The 2016 Annual Appeal

Honoring Community

Honoring Community

Each year we reach out to all the members of our community and ask for your help. Many of you have already made generous donations to Lifespan during the course of the year, and we are grateful for what you have done. At this time of year we come to you and ask that you add to your support. You see the work of Lifespan in the effort, in the volunteers, in the energy, and in the difference we make in people’s lives. None of that would be possible without your help.

carolBut for me, this year is different and I decided to take a point of personal privilege. Two weeks ago I lost my Aunt Carol. Many of you knew Carol, as she was part of our Lifespan community as a volunteer and a participant. In fact, she was one of the Lifespan Charms I talked about in my email appeal last year.

Carol personified our belief that while you can’t decide if you are going to get older, you sure as heck can decide how you do it. And she did it her way. She lived her life with a full understanding of what it means to be in a community that welcomes us as we age. She left this world surrounded by that community.

If we are going to honestly build communities that welcome us as we age, we need to remember that includes escorting us as we leave. We have said goodbye to several members of our community this year, so we know first hand the importance of celebrating life.

Carol was my aunt by birth and biology, but my sister by life and heart. Even as I struggle to imagine a world without her in it, I know that she would cheer our efforts to build communities that welcome us as we age. So, it just seemed right to have an annual appeal HONORING COMMUNITY.

When you make your donation to Lifespan for this appeal, select a member of your community—the one that welcomes you as you age — and make your donation in honor of OR in memory of that person. We will acknowledge the community you honor by placing the names, your photos and sentences about them on our website. Let’s use this time to truly celebrate our communities—and help Lifespan continue to build them.