Here is everything we have going on during the holidays.  You can click on the icons to see the info.  The first icon is a link to the Holiday Calendar, and as usual, you will also find all the links you will need through the end of the year.  

You will also find a link to the Holiday Luncheon event with all of the information!  Please think about joining us. 

The last two links are the registration forms for the Holiday Zentangle Class and the Holiday Luncheon. 

Just call if you have any questions.  470-757-6693.


Holiday Calendar

Click for the calendar and all links.

Holiday Luncheon

The details and a sample of Grey Matter.

Zentangle Registration

Register for the Holiday Zentangle Class

Luncheon Registration

Register for the luncheon here

Here is the detailed information about this class.  You can also find information on the Fall 2022 Class page.

Use the Zoom Link button below to access this class virtually.