Medical Escort Transportation - What it's all about!

Medical Escort Transportation

It’s more than a ride—it’s a relationship!

Our Medical Escort Transportation program—or MET as we call it—is a very important program of Lifespan.  We really wonder sometimes if we should change the name.  Because we have come to believe, by talking and working with volunteer coordinators, drivers and our elder riders, that this program is so  much more than just a ride.

As you can learn by clicking the angels below, this program is so much more than a ride.  Our elders come to know their volunteer driver, and vice versa.  They learn about each other and they learn to care for each other.  In that small number of hours an elder gets out of the house and gets to be with someone who cares about them.  How can anyone say no to that?  Please call us and volunteer for our MET program today!  Our elders will thank you—again, and again.

What does this have to do with you the potential driver?

We truly need volunteer drivers  and we are working hard to build MET neighborhoods.  That would mean that you are helping elders in your community get to their doctor appointments.

The most important question we urge you to ask is—what kind of world do you want to live in?  We at Lifespan have a vision of a world where generations reach out to each other with support, conversation, encouragement and, yes, a ride.  We are building communities that welcome us as we age.    

What does this have to do with you the potential rider?

We hope you learn from this page that our MET program is more than just a ride to the doctor.  We come to know our riders and we can promise you that we will always take good care of you or your loved one.  We work together to make sure our riders can get to the health care appointment they need. 

And perhaps even more importantly, we are working hard to build a community around you that welcomes you as you age.

Call Lifespan Resources at 404-237-7307 and ask for information on our MET Program.  

Become a volunteer or sign up to be an MET ride