LOL Lifespan OnLine Winter 2021

We have an amazing Winter Session planned from January 11th, 2021 through March 5th, 2021. Classes each day.

Class Descriptions for Winter 2021 

We are thrilled with the options we have for classes and are grateful to all of our wonderful instructors.  We are presenting these to you by day and then by time.  Each day we have both a 10:30 class and a 1:30 class. HERE IS A ONE PAGE FLYER WITH THE LIST OF CLASSES.

The morning classroom opens at 10 am to give all of us the chance to greet each other, say hello and check in.  The formal class begins at 10:30 (except Zentangle on Fridays, which starts at 10:45 am).  The afternoon classroom opens at 1:15 to provide people with the same opportunity.  You will see that on Monday mornings, the only class is the Morning Coffee Hour.

MONDAYS – Starting January 11th, 2021 

Morning Coffee Hour

10:00 am

We all miss the opportunity to gather in person and get our greetings, hugs and laughter.  At the moment, this is our chance to get the next best thing.  Log in the Morning Link and enjoy some interesting conversation. 

We may also surprise you with some special, unexpected topics to discuss. Make sure you check the weekly reader to see what’s coming next.  

1:30 pm – All Things Technology

Peggy Palmiter will be offering 2 different classes this session.  The first four weeks will be talking about Windows 10.  Remember those computers?  Here is your chance to manage them better.

The second four weeks will be all about Apple.  With the addition of our iPad Pro we are hoping to offer even more applized content!  We may finally get to talk about syncing and the iCloud.  

Windows and Apple Go Together

TUESDAYS – Starting January 12th, 2021

Around the Parks Part 1

10:30 am – Around the Parks in 30 Days – Part 1

In this class we are going to take a virtual tour of EVERY national park in the United States. 

  • How many are there? 
  • What state has the most? 
  • What state has none? 
  • Which one was first? 
  • How many have you visited? 

For answers to all these questions and much more, join us!!  

1:30 pm – Interesting Topics

During this session we will hear from a variety of speakers on a range of topics. Beth Micek will talk about an amazing tapestry. Paul Richter will introduce us to another international phenomenon we don’t know about. Eleni Nega may join us for a coffee ceremony. Vicki Johnson will come and talk about the work of the Georgia Council on Aging CO-AGE advocacy group. And we expect Lois Ricci to come and enroll some of us as Super Agers. The exact dates and details will come later. The first week – January 12th – we will have an OPEN Tuesday afternoon with no class!!!

WEDNESDAYS – Starting January 13th, 2021

10:30 am – Tai Chi

Our own Tina Rasheed will again be leading is in Tai Chi.  Tina has a 26-year career as a public health researcher at the Morehouse School of Medicine and has applied her mission as a martial artist to bridge the health disparity gap by teaching self-applied health enhancement techniques such as Qigong and Tai Chi as a strategy to promote health and prevent disease.   Tai Chi is a gentle exercise program that is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Derived from the martial arts, Tai Chi is composed of slow, deliberate movements composed of mental focus, deep breathing, and stretching which enhance physical health and emotional well-being.

Don’t believe it?  Just listen to our Lifespan participants explain why they keep coming back!  And if you want to get a taste of a session, check out the Tai Chi Page.

Why do you take Tai Chi?

The Classic Movie Club

Alexa Foreman is back!

1:30 pm – Classic Movie Club

Alexa has agreed to come back for another session of classic movies.  You all know that she is basically a walking encyclopedia about all things classic movies, a reputation she earned during her time at Turner Classic Movies.  We are getting the list ready and we will have all the movies available for you to view.  Each week when you click the Movie Club event on the calendar you will go to that event page.  Right there you will find the movie for that class!  Below are the movie selections in order.


 Stagecoach 1939
Stagecoach is more of an ensemble piece rather than a Western: a group of strangers – each with a secret – travel aboard a stagecoach pursued by Indians. This was the one that made John Wayne a star.

The World of Henry Orient 1964
Two teenage girls chase their crush – a concert pianist – played by Peter Sellers all over New York City. This features an unbelievable cast: Angela Lansbury, Paula Prentiss, Tom Bosley, Phyllis Thaxter, plus a good pal of mine Merrie Spaeth as one of the gals.

The Mating Season (1951) – January 27th
Character actress Thelma Ritter scores her second Oscar nomination out of a total of six (she never won), in this movie about mistaken identities, newlyweds, and mother-in-laws. The underrated Gene Tierney stars.

The Awful Truth 1937 – February 3rd
One of the earliest examples of “screwball” comedy, The Awful Truth was made without a structured script, but you’d never know it. Irene Dunne and Cary Grant are a dream team, and the movie was an Oscar nominee for Best Picture.

Portrait of Jennie (1949) – February 10th
In this haunting tale, a down on his luck painter (Joseph Cotten) meets a mysterious young girl (Jennifer Jones) and sets out to find more about her.

To Be or Not to Be 1942 – February 17th
The sparkling Carole Lombard stars in the last movie she made before her untimely death. This black comedy was a box office disappointment at the time since many faulted director Ernst Lubitsch for making light of the war. Lubitsch fired back, “What I have satirized in this picture are the Nazis and their ridiculous ideology.”

A Letter to Three Wives (1949) – February 24th
As a trio of wives head out on an all day boat trip, they receive a letter from a woman claiming to be having an affair with one of their husbands. And she’s running away with him – that day.

Ten From Your Show of Shows 1973 – March 3rd
Priceless sketches from the 1950’s hit television show Your Show of Shows somehow survived and from these original kinescopes, we can see the brilliance of Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, Carl Reiner, and Howard Morris at their absolute best.


Thursday – Starting January 14th, 2021


Lucy Bigham, Tour Guide, Atlanta BeltLine Partnership

The Atlanta BeltLine is the most comprehensive transportation, economic development and urban redevelopment effort undertaken in Atlanta. It is a sustainable project that will provide a network of parks, trails and transit along a historic 22-mile railroad corridor circling downtown. An overview of the BeltLine Project will be included as well as an update on accomplishments and disappointments. The course will emphasize the key elements of affordable housing and transit.

The Atlanta Beltline

Line Dancing

1:30 pm – Line Dancing – Rose Haven

We are always glad to have Rose Haven to lead our amazing line dancers.  This session we will have 8 weeks of great dancing.  The best part is you dance in the privacy of your own home so nobody needs to know how well you dance.

Plus Rose provide step sheets and video examples of all the dances on our Line Dancing Page.  We’ve got the music down and it’s nice to be able to dance together.


Starting January 15th, 2021

10:45 am – Zentangle -Hilary Smith

We are all going to learn about Zentangle and enjoy the opportunity to try something new!  If you are curious about what Zentangle actually is – just click the video and let our instructor Hilary Smith tell you all about it.