Summer Session is Here!
What did you do this summer?  Come on and join us.

This session will be at Trinity Presbyterian Church
3003 Howell Mill Rd NW
Atlanta, GA 30327
Classes are from 10:15 am to 3:00 pm
Lunch is from 12:30 to 1:30 and is an additional $10

Lunch Menus Available Soon.

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10:00 am to 11:00 am

Literature Series

Multicultural Women Writers – Camilla Cruikshank

Camilla Cruikshank will offer two sessions in this series, on July 12th and July 26th focusing on multicultural women writers.  She will be talking about how women are portrayed or treated in literature.  She  will also discuss the affect that treatment has on self-identity.  Virginia Wolff will be one of the authors.  You can download the stories for her sessions here.

Writing in your third act:  

We will explore the writing of authors over 70.  the premise of the readings beginning with an amazing review of the literature of older adults in the New Yorker called What Old Age Is Really Like  by Ceridwen Dovey.  Click the title for the article, or read Peggy’s post on Lifespan News to give you  more information.  Her review proposes several authors and poets worth exploring from Poet Laureate at 94, Stanley Kunitz’s poem The Layers, Ursula Le Guin’s collection of blog posts No time to Spare, and English author Penelope Lively’s memoir, Dancing Fish and Ammonites are just some examples. 

Our own Zandra Matthews will join us on August 2nd with a review of Our Souls At Night by Kent Haruf.  On August 9th, Mimi Roberts will discuss Penelope Lively’s book How It All Began.  The stories our reviewers will be discussing can be referenced here.

Spirituality and Social Justice

This series will host representatives from our supporting congregations to talk about the mission and justice work they do.  We know that Lifespan is but one small part of their service ministry.  Some of them are involved in ministries that serve people in need.  Some of them are tackling serious justice issues.  In this series we have asked them to come and talk to us about what they are doing.  This series has two important purposes.  First to connect Lifespan participants to the congregations that support us.  Second, to inspire us about the good works being done in God’s name.

What you will get in your SAIL Class:

  • One hour of fun, energizing exercise
  • Exercises that are adapted for your individual physical abilities, you can
    sit or stand & still benefit
  • Activities specifically designed to help maintain & improve your balance
  • Free Copy of “Stay Active and Independent for Life: An Information
    Guide for Adults 65+”
  • Fun, Laughter, Friends, & Fitness (and maybe a chocolate treat!)

Get the Full Flyer HERE.

Tai Chi – Tina Rasheed

We are pleased that our own Tina Rasheed will be leading us in Tai Chi.  Tina has a 26-year career as a public health researcher at the Morehouse School of Medicine and has applied her mission as a martial artist to bridge the health disparity gap by teaching self-applied health enhancement techniques such as Qigong and Tai Chi as a strategy to promote health and prevent disease.   Tai chi is a gentle exercise program that is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Derived from the martial arts, tai chi is composed of slow, deliberate movements composed of mental focus, deep breathing, and stretching which enhance physical health and emotional well-being. Chi (energy) generated through breathing and movement then travels via the meridian system to nourish and regenerate internal organs and systems. Regular Tai Chi practice enhances respiration, balance, circulation, digestive system and promotes regular sleep.

11:15 am to 12:15 pm

Examining Our “Funny” Bone with Mark Levine

Examining our “Funny Bone” with Dr Mark invites you to appreciate the humor around us – it’s everywhere!  Together we will examine how much humor and laughter (LOL) enhance our Sense of Humor in our senior years.  It’s our best anti-aging remedy.

Join us as we laugh at and with our comedy, comedians, stories, movies, surprises, life’s crazy situations and much more!

Art with Mimi and Norma 

Mimi and Norma are offering their art class this summer!  Come and learn if you are a beginner, or enhance your skills if you have been painting for a while.  These two get great reviews.  Here are the supplies that they recommend you bring along.  You only need three tubes of color and one tube of white.  You can mix to get most of the other colors you need.  They recommend the Liquitex brand.

Here is the list of supplies Mimi and Norma recommend for the class:

Cadmium Yellow Light – heavy body
Cadmium Red Light – heavy body
Ultramarine blue – heavy body
Titanium white – heavy body
Matt medium – one bottle
Three or four brushes – flats and brights

Summer Food, Flowers and Fotos 

Come and have fun in the summer.  There will be two classes by Jerome Holt, Trinity’s Food Services Director, who will give us tips on how he creates those great meals.  We will also have some landscapers provide some tips and suggestions on plants and landscaping for two sessions. Marianne McConnel will tell us about the State Botanical Gardens in Athens, including wonderful photos. And finally we will talk about how to take the best summer photos with any device.

Line Dancing – Rose Haven 

Our own Rose Haven will be bringing us line dancing for the spring session.   Rose Haven has been a line dance instructor since 1992. Rose is the founder and director of two award winning competition dance teams.  Rose brings all that line dancing expertise to her Lifespan low-impact, low-risk line dancing class.  Enjoy the music and the moves.

1:30 pm to 3:00 pm

iPad and iPhone Class – Peggy Palmiter

We will take on both the iPad and the iPhone in this class.  Learn to harness the power of your devices and how to sync your information across devices.  All experience levels are welcome.  We will be learning through demonstration and then practice time.  Come with confidence and bring your devices.

See information from this class and our other technology courses on our  Technology Learning Center page.


Come and join the group and play along. By the Way, this group does play the Japanese version of Mahjong.  They think it’s a lot of fun.  Don’t know how?  Want to learn?  Folks are more than willing to teach.

I Remember – Rosemary Glenn 

The I Remember group has decided to meet two or three times during the Summer Session in the afternoon.  It keeps all of the members working on their writing, helping each other and talking about their stories.  But it also allows them to attend some of the morning sessions that they find interesting.  We will let you know the exact dates as the session moves along.  Just call the office and we will give you more specifics.