Lifespan OnLine (LOL) Winter 2021

We have a great program planned for Winter Session. Come and join in.
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The Movie Club

1:30 pm – Classic Movie Club

Alexa has agreed to come back for another session of classic movies.  You all know that she is basically a walking encyclopedia about all things classic movies, a reputation she earned during her time at Turner Classic Movies.  We are getting the list ready and we will have all the movies available for you to view.  Each week when you click the Movie Club event on the calendar you will go to that event page.  Right there you will find the movie for that class!  Below are the movie selections in order.

To Be or Not to Be (1942)
The sparkling Carole Lombard stars in the last movie she made before her untimely death. This black comedy was a box office disappointment at the time since many faulted director Ernst Lubitsch for making light of the war. Lubitsch fired back, “What I have satirized in this picture are the Nazis and their ridiculous ideology.”

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