Guest Speakers

This is where we will place all of our guest speaker presentations.

This fall we have another great set of guest speakers.  Eleni Nega will talk about healthy eating and demonstrate some great cooking and recipes.  Terry Preston and Zandra Matthews will take us on an illustrated journey.  And Paul Richter will tell us about the Art of Tapestries on Friday Morning.  It’s pretty amazing.  Here is where you can find the details, recordings of the classes and additional information.  

Healthy Eating for Longevity - the Blue Zone philosophy

Join us as Eleni Nega talk about how to cook and eat healthy.  This page will have recordings of her sessions and recipes for the things she makes.

Illustrated Journey

This is where you can find recordings of our classes, as well as see the final products that we produced for this adventure.

Tapestry of Kings

Come and enjoy this great class lead by our own Raul Richter on Friday mornings! You will love it.

Who and what are Super- Agers?

Come and hear about this interesting topic and study from Harvard.  Maybe we will be starting our own study of our own super-agers.

It’s All About Bluebirds – with Sky Rector


We are pleased that we have had so many wonderful guest speakers join us for our Spring and Summer sessions.  Originally we had planned on putting all of our recorded guest speaker sessions on this page.  We have decided to add some additional pages to make it easier to find them.

The images below are links to speakers who joined our LOL sessions for more than one class.  If you click on the image you will go to the page with all of their sessions included.  

Birding for Fun

Join Lyda Phillips to learn about birds

Paul Richter and Women Painters

Our own Paul Richter takes us on a tour of women painters you probably never heard about.

Paul Black

Join our favorite elder law attorney, Paul Black as he talked about tough questions, senior scams and the Older Americans Act.

Understanding Dreams - Kendle Jenkins

While we don’t have Kendle in person, we do have her wonderful videos about understanding dreams.  Come join the conversation.




We are grateful to Doris Shannon who joined us on May 28th to talk about meditation as a tool in our life. She provided us with a wonderful meditation exercise that was very meaningful to some of our participants. She has said we can share that with you.

Doris has recently redone her video and she wanted me to let you know that you could fast forward past the intro if you wish and get directly to the meditation.  



What’s it all about?

Peggy is going to introduce us to alternative models of housing for older adults. Today we will talk about co-housing.

Cohousing Association

Other articles and information

Elder Co-Housing:  The Epitome of Aging in Community

Senior Living Article