Movie Club


1:30 PM – The Movie Club – with Alexa Foreman

The Movie Club is back with Alexa Foreman, our classic movie expert.  This session she is trying something different, taking you on a stroll through the decades.  You will have the chance to watch a wide variety of movies.  Look for the list of selections coming soon.

CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST OF MOVIES and scroll down to the Movie Club.  Look for the recording each week below.


La La Land (2016)

How many times have we said, “they don’t make movies like that anymore.”? Well every once in a while, they do. Described as, “sheer cinematic bliss,” La La Land is a homage to movies of the past, and utilizes joyful music, Oscar-winning cinematography and exquisite color. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (who won Best Actress) star in this gem.

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