Movie Club


1:30 PM – The Movie Club – with Alexa Foreman

The Movie Club is back with Alexa Foreman, our classic movie expert.  This session she is trying something different, taking you on a stroll through the decades.  You will have the chance to watch a wide variety of movies.  Look for the list of selections coming soon.

CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST OF MOVIES and scroll down to the Movie Club.  Look for the recording each week below.


I Found Stella Parish (1935)

Kay Francis was THE Queen of Warner Brothers in the 1930’s but is forgotten now. She was never nominated for an Oscar, yet she was incredibly popular with movie audiences – not only for her onscreen poise – but also for her amazing wardrobe. At a time when women characters were center stage, strong and independent, Francis was the epitome of the modern woman. 

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