LOL - Lifespan OnLine - Fall 2020

Stay Safe – Stay Connected

The New LOL Lifespan  

 Lifespan programming is alive and well in a whole new medium.  

As we all know, this has been an amazing, frustrating, enlightening, scary, intimating, sad, topsy-turvy time.   In keeping with our motto of Stay safe – Stay connected, we will be continuing our online/ Zoom format for the Fall Session of our educational program, which we are now calling LOL (and we all do need to Laugh Out Loud), or Lifespan OnLine. 

 The Fall Session of LOL begins the week of September 7th.  We are very excited about the content this fall and we hope you will join in

Fall LOL Begins Sept 7th

Our Fall Session is going to be awesome.  Click to get all the details.

We are proud of how we adapted to this new environment and the content we are able to bring you.  We hope you will join in.  Just click the image to go to the classes page and get all of the details.

If you are new to Zoom – or have been resisting this medium, we can help.  We can give you technical support and have some resources to help with equipment.  Just email Peggy at [email protected] and she will reach out to you. 

If you are still unsure, feel free to join us anytime the week of August 31st at 10 am for coffee to check it out.  Our Coffee Break period (before the fall session begins) is available to anyone.  Click this link to come on in at 10 am.  You will need the password, so make sure you check our weekly reader to get the new password, or just email peggy.

We will also be available Tuesday September 1st through Thursday September 3rd at 1:30 to offer technical support and consultation.  You MUST have an appointment to take advantage of this time, so email peggy and get signed up.

We also wanted to provide an update about where we are as an organization, how we are fairing through these extraordinary times, and the ways we see Lifespan changing and evolving.  We are nothing if not resilient!  But we also know that many of you may be wondering what’s happening and how we are doing. 

If you click on the Finding Our Way icon, or if you click this link, you will be able to read a letter from our Executive Director.  Peggy provides information about the state of the organization, the status of our programs, and the way we envision our programming in the future.  It’s our best information about where we are and the future as far ahead as we can imagine it.  

And because we are now LOL, the next section addresses our efforts to get your more information remotely.


Finding our Way

Update on Lifespan Programs


With this reality in mind, we are adding resources to our website to provide you with more information.  Click the images below to see what’s available.  Some are works in progress, so be patient.  

A Page of Stuff

This page has lots of  online information for your education and enjoyment.

Speaker Materials

We are providing you with information from previous workshops or classes.

The Comfort of Bread

Bread making has become the rage during quarantine. Sharing recipes.

Be an Advocate

Per our conversations, here are readings and actions to become an advocate.