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Summer Session 2019
Come Find Some Joy

We will be at Trinity Presbyterian Church
30003 Howell Mill Rd, NW, Atlanta, GA 30327
Classes are from 10:15 am to 3:00 pm
Lunch is from 12:30 to 1:30 and is an additional $10

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This session some of the classes move around to different times in order to accommodate all of our activities and our instructors. So to help you our we have a grid at the bottom of the page with all of the classes and times included. Click here to see the grid.

10:00 am to 11:00 am

Summer Reading for Everyone

We will start with a new book by Jon Meacham and Tim McGraw called Songs of America:  Patriotism, Protest, and te Music The Made a Nation.  Then, I am going to turn the book over to Richard Botters, who I know will love it.  Then, we will have a session called “Your Favorite Series.”  Bring a sample of your favorite book series and share a sample during class to explain why you love it so much.

The other sessions will be a discussion of some short stories.  We are collecting suggestions of favorites, so feel free to call the office and tell us yours.  Some under consideration are the stories of Tom Hanks in his book of short stories Uncommon Type.  We are also exploring The Collected Stories of Diane Williams, where each story is no longer than 2 pages.  “I don’t like to have it all wrapped up,” she said. “Hardly anything that matters in life is that easy.” Then, we are exploring The Story Project, which has an entire collection of humorous short stories from other countries.   Put in your suggestions and selections will be announced prior to each week’s class.

 Spirituality Series

Our spirituality series this summer is about JOY and GIVING.  It seems hard to find our own personal joy at this time in our country when there is more looking inward than reaching out to those on the margins.  Come join our speakers during this session who will talk about finding personal joy and offering support to those in need, as we live our faith in a difficult time.  We have speakers from several of our supporting congregations, so stay tuned for the details in our upcoming emails.

Rev. Christian, formerly from All Souls Fellowship, Decatur, will be joining us July 11th.  We are pleased to welcome Rev. Betsy Swetenburg from Trinity Presbyterian Church will be with us July 18th.    Rev. Lamkin and Rev. Headrick from Northside Drive Baptist Church will be with us August 1st and 8th.  They are all looking forward to having conversations about finding joy and sharing it.



Tai Chi – Tina Rasheed

Our own Tina Rasheed will again be leading us in Tai Chi.  Tina has a 26-year career as a public health researcher at the Morehouse School of Medicine and has applied her mission as a martial artist to bridge the health disparity gap by teaching self-applied health enhancement techniques such as Qigong and Tai Chi as a strategy to promote health and prevent disease.   Tai Chi is a gentle exercise program that is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Derived from the martial arts, Tai Chi is composed of slow, deliberate movements composed of mental focus, deep breathing, and stretching which enhance physical health and emotional well-being.

11:15 am to 12:15 pm

TOAST –  Teaching Older Adults Smart Technology

We are pleased to tell you about a new program at Lifespan.   Lifespan is committed to helping older adults take full advantage of the wonders of technology.  Our goal is to make sure you have as much or as little technology in your life as you desire to keep you happy and connected.  There is a world of information and fun out there and we want all of you to enjoy it to the fullest.  That’s the goal of TOAST – a full range of technology services tenderly and patiently offered to older adults who want to be connected, with safety in mind. 

The three sessions of TOAST planned for this summer are meant to be an introduction to these services.  We will talk about them and then give you some examples – answering your questions and working to solve your technology challenges.   Going forward, this new program will offer everything from individual coaching to classes to in-home tech support to monthly subscriptions.  Come to this session and here all about it and get some samples.  We will be offering a tech clinic where you can being your most troublesome device in to ask us questions. Want some personal coaching?  We’ll offer some in the session and make appointments for afternoon coaching as well.  Click here to get all the details.

Finding Joy and Having Fun – The best series of the session

Jim Fox is Back

We are pleased to tell you that Jim Fox is returning and bringing his stand up routine with him.  He will lead us off on July 11th.  We might even be able to convince him to revive that old favorite “Lifespan Blues.”

Atlanta Theatre to Go

We are welcoming Atlanta Theatre to Go on July 18th, where they will be performing their Summer production – Make Yourself Uncomfortable.  It’s a medley about “normal” situations that go downhill fast, leaving the audience in stitches!  If you like to laugh, this play is for you! Click here for more details. 

Atlanta History Center Tours

 We are all going to pile in the Trinity Presbyterian bus and take our selves to the Atlanta History Center this session – not once, but twice.  Join us on July 25th and August 15th for our 2 hour tours.  Click here for more details.

 Sing Along with the Ukulele Players 

We are all going to get a chance to join in with the ukulele group and sing along. If we are lucky our ukulele players will team up with some members of the Hometown Dulcimer Band to sing and play.  They will bring a few percussion instruments for all of us so we can play as well and not let them have all the fun.  They are going to be playing on August 1st at 10 am.  

Line Dancing – Nancy Anthony 

Nancy Anthony  is back to lead our line dancers. She has amazing energy and the group just keeps growing!  This class will continue even on Atlanta History Center Tour days.  This is an amazing line dancing class where they always have fun.

1:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Learn the Ukulele


The Ukulele Group is GROWING!!  Our players are getting better and better at playing their ukes and we are looking forward to hearing more from them.  We will have a chance to join them in the Have Fun series at 10 on August 1st.

Come and join us this session.  NO MUSICAL TRAINING REQUIRED, BUT LOTS OF FUN TO BE HAD! This session they will also be leading us in a fun class in the mornings where we all get to participate.  




Come and join the group and play along. By the Way, this group does play the Japanese version of Mahjong.  They think it’s a lot of fun.  Don’t know how?  Want to learn?  Folks are more than willing to teach.


Here is the grid to help you keep track of sessions.